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HealthHub HealthHub HealthHub HealthHub HealthHub
Nutrition Facts and Tips on Eating Healthy

Nutrition Hub helps you achieve your health and diet goals. Get nutrition information, facts and resources to help you adopt a healthier diet.

National Steps Challenge™

National Steps Challenge™ rewards you for staying active. Start moving now and be rewarded daily!

Screen for Life - National Health Screening Programme

Subsidised health screening for Singapore Citizens.

Let’s BEAT Diabetes

Find out more about pre-diabetes, diabetes and how you can prevent them by making some changes to your lifestyle.

Korang OK?

Live a fuller and sweeter life with your loved ones by taking small steps towards healthier living. From healthier eating to mental wellbeing tips as well as health screening subsidies and free physical activity events near you – we’ve got you covered to help you kick start and continue your healthy journey!

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