HPB Rewards Programme

Start your healthy journey with us and be rewarded.

By 7 February 2023, all users must perform a one-time Singpass login to continue using the Healthy 365 app.
Update your app from 5 January 2023 and follow on-screen instructions. For FAQs and step-by-step guides, click here.
Get healthier and be rewarded
Introducing HPB Rewards Programme
Enjoy the perks of a healthier life.

Good health alone is its own reward. But if you need a little motivation to make healthier choices, or want recognition for your healthy actions, join the HPB Rewards Programme. You’ll be rewarded for achieving milestones as you build positive and healthy behaviours.

Kickstart your healthy journey in
3 simple steps:
Download the Healthy 365 app on Apple Store / Google Play
Participate in HPB activities
Use your Healthpoints to redeem a wide variety of rewards
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