HealthHub Terms of Use

Main changes since last version on 14 Nov 2022:

• Update of the company name from Integrated Health Information Systems Pte. Ltd. to Synapxe Pte. Ltd. (same entity with a change to its company name)

HealthHub Terms of Use

1. Agreement to Terms

1.1 All access of any part of (“Websites”) and the HealthHub mobile applications (“Apps”) is governed by the terms and conditions below and our Privacy Policy located at (“Terms”). The Websites and Apps are collectively referred to as “HealthHub”. If you do not accept any of these Terms, please discontinue the use or access of HealthHub immediately.

1.2 By continuing, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms and agree to be bound by these Terms.

1.3 We may from time to time update these Terms, with a notification on HealthHub for an appropriate duration following the change. Each time you use HealthHub, you acknowledge and agree that the latest version of these Terms shall apply.

1.4 In these Terms, the words “we”, “our” and “us” refer to Synapxe Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd) (“Synapxe”).

2. Access to HealthHub

2.1 Everyone may access the publicly available content on HealthHub. However, you may be required to register for an account with us before you are entitled to use certain functionalities within HealthHub. You may also need to use your device’s biometric function or passcode (collectively “Quick Access”) or Singpass in order to access certain functionalities within HealthHub.

2.2 The accessibility and operation of HealthHub rely on systems, databases and technologies that may not be entirely within our control. We do not guarantee continuous accessibility or uninterrupted operation of HealthHub. We will not be liable to you if, for any reason, access to HealthHub is delayed or unavailable for any period of time.

2.3 We may at any time change, suspend, or discontinue HealthHub, any of its content, and/or access to part or all of it, without notice and for any reason.

2.4 During the use and access to HealthHub, you are required to:

  1. comply with all applicable local and international laws and regulations when using HealthHub;
  2. not access any information or data concerning another person without his/her permission;
  3. not use HealthHub in any unlawful manner, for any unlawful purpose, or in any manner inconsistent with these Terms, or act fraudulently or maliciously, for example, by hacking into or inserting malicious code, including viruses, bugs or harmful data, into HealthHub or any computer system;
  4. not infringe our intellectual property rights or those of any third party in relation to your use of HealthHub;
  5. not submit, publish, transmit, post or upload any material that is factually inaccurate, misleading, deceptive, in contempt of any court, defamatory, offensive, threatening, discriminatory, racist, seditious, obscene, pornographic, indecent, or otherwise objectionable to the general public in relation to your use of HealthHub;
  6. not use HealthHub in a way that could damage, disable, overburden, impair or compromise our systems, databases, servers or security or interfere with other users; and
  7. not collect or harvest any information or data from our systems or attempt to decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running any features, services, tools, directories or content on HealthHub.

2.5 In the event of a non-compliance with Section 2.4, we reserve the right to terminate or restrict your access to part or all of HealthHub for any reason at any time without prior notice.

3. Account Registration

3.1 In registering for an account with us, you represent and warrant that all registration information provided by you is true, accurate, current and complete to the best of your knowledge and belief.

3.2 We reserve the right to reject your application for an account, suspend your use of or terminate your account at any time without prior notice to you if you are in breach of these Terms or for any other reason as determined by us at our sole and absolute discretion.

3.3 Upon successful registration of your account, you, as the account holder:

  1. agree to keep any login credentials that may be used to access HealthHub (such as your Singpass account and password or your passcode (for Quick Access) confidential;
  2. shall not allow other persons to use your account;
  3. shall update your account as and when there are any changes to your details; and
  4. shall notify us immediately if you have any reason to believe that the security of your account has been compromised.

3.4 You are solely responsible for any and all activities which occur under your account. We are entitled to treat all activities that occur under your account as having been conducted with your knowledge and authority.

3.5 For so long as your account is active, you acknowledge and agree that we shall have the right, at our sole and absolute discretion, without any prior notice to you, to:

  1. access your account and its contents as and when we consider necessary for specific purposes, including but not limited to, identifying or resolving technical problems with your account or to verify any suspected irregular transactions;
  2. block your access to your account for the purposes of investigating any breaches by you of these Terms or if we suspect that there is a compromise in the security of your account; and/or;
  3. suspend, discontinue, remove or disbar you from the use of your account should there be any breaches by you or suspicion of fraud, in which event, you may be referred to the relevant law enforcement agencies for investigation (where necessary).

4. User Contributed Information

4.1 Subject to the functionalities of the account, you may, as an account holder, be able to submit, post or edit certain information, including but not limited to, personal data, telephone numbers, credit card or other financial details, medical or health information, healthcare appointments, images, feedback, comments or complaints (“User Contributed Information”) through your account.

4.2 You shall bear full responsibility for the User Contributed Information and any consequences associated with using, editing, submitting or uploading them on HealthHub. We are not responsible for the availability of or any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in any User Contributed Information.

4.3 The functionalities of HealthHub may allow the User Contributed Information that you provide to be viewed, edited or deleted by another authorised user.

4.4 The use of the User Contributed Information shall be in accordance with our Privacy Policy and for any purposes that you have been notified of and consented to from time to time.

4.5 You represent and warrant that:

  1. you have the necessary rights, licenses, consents, and permissions to submit, use and authorise us to use the User Contributed Information; and
  2. all the User Contributed Information (whether at the time of submission or posting or subsequent thereto) is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief.

4.6 We shall have the right to edit, block, remove or delete User Contributed Information on HealthHub for any reason at any time without prior notice. Our acceptance of any User Contributed Information does not constitute a waiver of our right to remove it in the future.

4.7 User Contributed Information may be uploaded to third party computer systems including payment systems and when uploaded, can be viewed by any person authorised to access such systems. By providing us with User Contributed Information, you shall be deemed to have consented to us uploading the User Contributed Information (whether in whole or in parts) to such systems.

5. Medical Disclaimer & External Data

5.1 You acknowledge that the information provided through HealthHub serves as a general information source only, and such information is not to be viewed or relied upon as professional medical advice. Before relying on the information on HealthHub, you should do your own verifications and obtain professional medical advice relevant to your specific circumstances.

5.2 The information on HealthHub is not intended to be exhaustive on a particular issue, and the information may not always be accurate, complete or up-to-date. The information on HealthHub is also not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical professional. All information contained in HealthHub is for informational purposes only and is to be relied upon at your own risk, and you are encouraged to always seek professional medical advice notwithstanding the information on HealthHub. We do not accept any responsibility for any reliance by you on the information contained in HealthHub.

5.3 By using HealthHub, you acknowledge and consent to the following:

  1. HealthHub’s access to and use of data or information relating to you or a third party (including, for example your spouse, children, parents or dependents, if applicable) from other external sources including public healthcare institutions systems, governmental bodies, public agencies systems and private laboratories (“External Data”);
  2. All External Data being provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. We are not responsible for the availability of or any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in such External Data, and the use of External Data may be subject to terms and conditions imposed by external parties;
  3. HealthHub enabling you to amend such External Data, in which case you agree to provide data which is accurate (to the best of your knowledge and ability) and without liability to Synapxe in relation to such amendment;
  4. The retention of your personal information and the External Data by the governmental bodies, public agencies, any other affiliates of MOH Holdings Pte. Ltd. and Synapxe;
  5. The use of your personal information and the External Data in aggregated or de-identified form for research, statistical and planning purposes; and
  6. Specific to the My Health Booklet function, HealthHub sending you personalised health recommendations based on the available External Data.

6. Biometric Function for Quick Access

6.1 In addition to the use of passcodes, Quick Access allows users to use your fingerprint or face identification (“Biometric Data”) registered on a supported mobile device to confirm your identity (“Biometric Function”) to access certain functionalities within HealthHub.

6.2 In order to use the Biometric Function for Quick Access, you must:

  1. Register an account with us pursuant to Section 2.1;
  2. Install the HealthHub application using a supported mobile device;
  3. Activate the Biometric Function on your supported mobile device and register your Biometric Data to control access to the permitted mobile device;
  4. Choose to use your supported mobile device’s Biometric Function to access the related functionalities within HealthHub;
  5. Ensure that only your Biometric Data is stored on your supported mobile device to access the device; and
  6. Ensure the security of the passcode and the Biometric Data on the supported mobile device.

6.3 You acknowledge that upon the successful registration of your Biometric Function on your supported mobile device, any such Biometric Data that is stored on your supported mobile device may be used to access the relevant functionalities within HealthHub. We owe no duty to verify that the Biometric Data stored on your supported mobile device is indeed your Biometric Data. In addition, you acknowledge that you will need to secure your supported mobile device and that you will be solely responsible for all use of your supported mobile device (whether authorised by you or not) to access the Biometric Function for Quick Access. All use or access of the relevant functionalities within HealthHub through the use of your supported mobile device’s Biometric Function will be deemed to be used or accessed by you, whether such use or access was authorised by you or not.

6.4 The Biometric Function of your supported mobile device is not provided by Synapxe or HealthHub, and we are not responsible for the security of the Biometric Function of any supported mobile device and whether it works in the way represented by the manufacturer of your supported mobile device. In addition, the use of the Biometric Function of your supported mobile device may be subject to third party terms.

6.5 You acknowledge that the Biometric Function for Quick Access may not be accessible at all times.

6.6 For the purposes of this Section 6 and Section 11.3, a supported mobile device means a supported mobile device that we may enable for use with Quick Access and includes the operating system or software that the device operates on. If the operating system of your mobile device is listed in the relevant application store from which you have downloaded the HeathHub application (including but not limited to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) your mobile device would be a supported mobile device.

7. Payment Service

7.1 We may provide a platform to enable you to make payments to specific healthcare institutions and/or other vendors. You acknowledge that we are merely an intermediary to facilitate payments made by you, and the payment platform is provided for your convenience only. All payments made through the payment platform are made directly to the accounts of the billing parties.

7.2 We may use third party services to verify, secure and/or process your payments. The third party services may charge a fee for processing payments related to your transactions on HealthHub and you shall be responsible for all payment processing fees incurred.

7.3 Without prejudice to the other provisions of these Terms, we shall not be responsible for any malfunction in any computer system, software or any internet access service provider that may affect the accuracy or timeliness of the online transmission of payment instructions. We shall not be responsible if any information provided is inaccurate or if payment instructions are not given sufficiently in advance to allow for timely payment or if payment instructions cannot be carried out for any reason beyond our control.

7A. Use of Caregiver Module

7A.1 All personal data or medical records made available to you through the Caregiver Module is obtained on an “as is” and “as available” basis from various public health systems, including but not limited to the National Electronic Health Record system managed by the Ministry of Health.

7A.2 If you are above the age of 21 years old, you may appoint another person (a “Caregiver”) to access on your behalf your records in specific Modules you select (“Selected Modules”). Upon his/her acceptance of the appointment as your Caregiver, your Caregiver would be granted access to your records in the Selected Modules, and this would allow your Caregiver to, amongst other things, make appointments, access and review your medical records, and/or make payments etc., on your behalf. You may revoke your Caregiver’s rights via the Healthhub application or the Website at any time.

7A.3 You, as care recipient and/or Caregiver as the case may be, consent to us sharing the appointment of your Caregiver with the healthcare systems and applications operated or managed by the public healthcare institutions in order for your Caregiver to manage such healthcare services (including medical, dental, health-screening and immunisation services) and receive information on programmes related to the promotion of good health, healthy lifestyles and prevention and detection of diseases to be provided to you.

7A.4 You, as a care recipient, shall be responsible for any and all activities and transactions carried out by your Caregiver on your behalf. We shall be entitled to rely on and you shall be bound by all electronic communications, requests, orders or messages made by or given through your Caregiver.

7A.5 If you are a Caregiver, you warrant in your capacity as Caregiver that you shall use the information within the Caregiver Module solely for the benefit of the person who has appointed you as his/her Caregiver

7A.6 We have the right to accept or reject any grant of Caregiver rights. We may also revoke a Caregiver’s right to access any person’s records via the Caregiver Module at any time without prior notice.

7A.7 A Caregiver’s access to your medical records will be disabled (a) instantaneously if the revocation is done via the Healthhub application or the Website, but (b) up to 14 working days of the receipt of a properly completed request for revocation if done via other means.

8. Security

8.1 We shall endeavour to use available technology to protect the security of communications made through HealthHub. However, we do not accept any liability for the security, authenticity, integrity or confidentiality of any transactions and other communications made through HealthHub that is beyond our reasonable control or managed by other third parties.

8.2 You acknowledge that internet communications may be susceptible to interference or interception by third parties, and that we make no warranties that HealthHub is free of infection by computer viruses or other unauthorised software.

8.3 You are responsible for taking appropriate steps to keep your information, software and equipment secure, including clearing your internet browser’s cache (whether on your mobile device or otherwise) after using any features, services, tools, directories or content on HealthHub.

9. Hyperlinks and Third Party Systems

9.1 We do not warrant and endorse, and are not responsible or liable for the availability or content of any other internet site or system (which is not provided, owned or operated by us) linked on or from HealthHub. Any link provided on HealthHub is solely for your convenience. These links do not constitute endorsements or recommendations. Access to any other internet sites or systems is at your own risk and subject to the terms and conditions and/or privacy policies of such internet sites or systems.

9.2 You must obtain prior written permission from us before hyperlinking to, or framing HealthHub or any content within HealthHub. We reserve the right to impose conditions when we grant you with such permission.

9.3 We reserve the right to object to or disable any link or frame to or from HealthHub.

9.4 We reserve the right to change the URL of HealthHub Website.

9.5 For the avoidance of doubt, you will not hold us, the Ministry of Health, any public healthcare institution, any public agency, or any entity that has been authorised to carry out government and/or healthcare-related services liable for any damage or loss of any kind (direct or indirect) caused as a result of the use of any third party website or app, including, but not limited to, any damage or loss suffered as a result of reliance on the contents contained in or available from any such third party website or app.

10. Intellectual Property

10.1 All intellectual property and rights in HealthHub, including source codes, pages, documents and images, graphics, trademarks, trade names, logos, audio and video are protected by law. The intellectual property rights in these materials are owned by us or licensed to us by third parties. All rights are expressly reserved.

10.2 Apart from any fair dealings for the purposes of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted in law, no part of HealthHub may be reproduced or reused for any commercial purposes whatsoever without our prior written permission.

11. General Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

11.1 To the extent permitted under law, we exclude all conditions, warranties, representations or other terms which may apply to HealthHub, whether express or implied.

11.2 We do not give any representations, warranties, guarantees, or any other commitments, or accept any liability, to you in respect of any User Contributed Information, External Data.

11.3 We will not be liable for any loss or damage, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, loss of revenue, loss of profits, or otherwise, even if foreseeable, arising from or in connection with:

  1. any inaccuracy or incompleteness in, or errors or omissions in the information on HealthHub;

  2. you using, visiting or relying on any statements, opinion, representation or information in HealthHub;

  3. any delay in the operation or transmission, communications failure, Internet access difficulties or malfunctions in equipment or software;

  4. the conduct or the views of any person who accesses or uses HealthHub;

  5. any breakdown or malfunction of any equipment, system or software (including any supported mobile device or Biometric Function) used in connection with HealthHub, whether belonging to us or not;

  6. any External Data; or

  7. any User Contributed Information.

11.4 HealthHub is not operated by us for commercial or profit purposes. We do not profit from, or endorse, and are not associated with any products, services or organisations that may be mentioned on HealthHub. Any mention or reference to such products or services is solely for your convenience.

11.5 Without prejudice to the foregoing, no action may be brought by you against us related to HealthHub or under these Terms, more than one (1) year after the cause of action arose.

12. Fees

12.1 There are currently no fees payable by you for using any part of HealthHub. However, we reserve the right to implement fees for the use of certain functions of HealthHub from time to time.

12.2 We are not responsible for any fees charged by any other third party website or app that is not owned or operated by us, or part of HealthHub, and we shall not be liable to you for any fees incurred as a result of using or accessing or making purchases from any such third party website or app.

13. Indemnity

13.1 You agree to indemnify and hold us and our directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors and licensors harmless in respect of any claims arising out of: (i) your breach of these Terms, (ii) your use of HealthHub, (iii) your access, use or amendment of any External Data, (iv) any User Contributed Information provided by you, (v) your improper use of the Biometric Function for Quick Access or (vi) any action taken by us as part of our investigation of a suspected breach of these Terms or as a result of a finding or decision that a breach of these Terms has occurred.

14. Waiver

14.1 If we fail to insist that you perform any of your obligations under these Terms, or if we do not enforce our rights against you, or if we delay in doing so, that will not mean that we have waived our rights against you and will not mean that you do not have to comply with those obligations. If we do waive a default by you, we will only do so in writing, and that will not mean that we will automatically waive any later default by you.

15. Variation of Terms

15.1 We may revise these Terms at any time by updating this page. You should visit this page from time to time to review the Terms because they are legally binding on you.

15.2 We may modify or discontinue any features, services, tools, directories or content that form part of HealthHub at any time, with or without notice, and without liability.

16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

16.1 The use of HealthHub, and the Terms, shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Singapore. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Terms including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be referred to and finally resolved by the courts of Singapore.

- This version of Terms of Use is dated 27 July 2023. -

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