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You are your child's first influencer

As parents, you can inspire your children to adopt healthy habits by making healthier choices yourselves. Be it by eating healthily, being active, balancing screen time and sleeping well, you can influence them in a positive way starting today!

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How to be a super influencer


Prepare and Share Meals

Food prep and mealtimes are great opportunities to influence your children about food and nutrition.

Be Mindful of Unhealthy Goodies

Watch what you buy and bring into the home, and what you use to reward your child.

Make Healthy Screen Time Your Family’s Culture

Be a role model and practise healthy screen time together as a family.

Screen Time Guidelines

Get Sufficient Sleep as a Family

Establish a consistent and fun routine that your children will look forward to.

Sleep Guidelines

Ways to Make Active a Family Lifestyle

If you try to stay active wherever you are, even at home, your children are bound to follow.

Download and Play!

Free activity sheets for fun, active and healthy families


Self-care is not selfish. Quite the opposite! When you are refuelled, you are better able to care for your family. You will also be setting a good example to your children, showing them how recharging regularly helps them to better manage life’s challenges.

Practice Self-Care

Observe Your Emotions

Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

Adopt Coping Skills

You Can Reach Out for Support

Manage Your Emotions

By learning how to manage your emotions, you can take better care of your own well-being.

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