Your favourite television show is on and you're not leaving the house for anything... but that doesn't mean you can't put the time to better use.

Having your eyes glued to the telly doesn’t mean you have to be glued to the sofa. You can enjoy your show while you get in some exercise or physical activity!

Firstly, get off the couch and get in a standing position! That simple act alone immediately beats inactivity and have a higher calorie burn rate. You will also be saving your health from a whole host of ills, from stiffness and depression to increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Follow these useful tips below.

Tip #1: Go for Active Commercial Breaks

Is it half-time during your football match? Why not do a couple of jumping jacks, squats, or chair dips during the commercial break!

Whether it’s a half-time break or a simple advertisement break, this is the perfect opportunity for a quick workout of any intensity level without having to leave the house.

You could also skip rope, jog on the spot or do a few burpees, as long as you are moving. Short bursts of moderate or vigorous intensity workouts like these have been shown to elevate your heart rate and improve your aerobic capacity over time.[JIG(1)] But be sure to assess your current fitness level before participating in any vigorous-intensity activity.

Tip #2: Match Your Workout to What You’re Watching

Tailor your workout to match what you’re watching. A dance scene could inspire you to get into the groove and use those moves you’ve picked up from our free dance classes.

A good dance workout burns calories and help tone your muscles.

Tip #3: Switch to "Auto-Exercise" Mode

"I just want to lie down," you say. That's perfectly fine!  Lay your exercise mat and get going with some simple toning exercises.

Get into leg raises slowly—on your back, lying on one side, then the other. Alternatively, do pelvic floor exercises. Lie on your back, squeeze and lift your pelvic off the floor. Hold for a few seconds, then release.

The highly repetitive nature of such moves means you can concentrate on your movie while doing leg raises. This "auto-exercise" mode also works for weight-lifting, resistance band drills and stretching.

Tip #4: Stretch Your Body

Stretches are just as important as a good cardio workout. Try some deep waist bends to the side and upper body twists. These simple exercises help to increase your circulation, improve flexibility and relieve tension.

It’s useful to incorporate stretching exercises throughout the day, not just before and after a workout, but be careful not to stretch beyond your limits. You could end up straining your muscles instead.

Pick up some yoga stretches, get a mat for your living room and give yourself a good stretch when watching your favourite flick.

Tip #5: Strength Train as Part of Your Workout Routine

If you have a few dumbbells (or water bottles) at home, use them as weights! Strength training is a vital part of any workout and helps you to build muscle.

Push for those extra five sit-ups and perform a variety of push-ups to shake up the routine and work different parts of your upper body.

Tip #6: Do Household Chores to Burn More Calories

Doing your household chores is another excellent way to burn extra calories.

Sweep, vacuum and mop as you watch your favourite shows. Half an hour to an hour of any of these activities will work up a sweat while you keep your home clean and tidy.

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Don’t sabotage your efforts by snacking. However, if you really must nibble, choose healthier snacks, like unflavoured nuts, or fresh fruit and low fat yogurt. Quench your thirst with plain water instead of sweetened drinks. Stand up while you’re snacking. It will burn a few more calories than if you were seated. Even better, walk around. Then retrace your steps with a brush and pan to sweep up the crumbs, for even more calorie spend. The main thing is to keep moving, so even if you end up only walking in circles around your living room, it’s still good.

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