Youth Preventive Dental Service

Youth Preventive Dental Service (YPDS) provides oral health screening for pre-schoolers at some childcare centres as part of the Preschool Oral Health Screening and Fluoride Therapy Programme. Parents may access Healthhub to obtain the 'Information Sheet for Parents', which contains screening outcomes and the recommended follow-up action.


YPDS also provides free basic dental services to Primary and Secondary students through school dental clinics and mobile dental clinics. Annually, Primary 1, 3, 5 and 6, Secondary 1 and 3 students who are enrolled in the school dental programme will be screened ONCE and treated by YPDS where necessary. 

Treatment is rendered primarily by Dental Therapists. Dental Clinics do not operate on a daily basis. Appointments will be prioritized based on urgency. The next appointment for less urgent cases may be in a few months’ time. Alternatively, you may choose to see a private dentist for earlier treatment.

Parental consent will be required for child's dental treatment in Primary and Secondary Schools.

Dental services provided includes:

    Parents/guardians are required to fill in an online health questionnaire on your child’s medical condition and provide updates when relevant. This will help us take the necessary precaution when treating your child for his/her dental condition.

    Some dental services not covered by YPDS include:

    1. Orthodontic treatment including orthodontic extractions.
    2. Root canal treatment for permanent teeth
    3. Provision of treatment as part of a treatment plan prescribed by a private dentist. 

    For more insight into the School Dental Programme, please watch the video here.


    Student Dental Centre Treatment Fees for Basic Procedure

    S/N Treatment Services Permanent Resident
    1 Fillings
    $24.00 - $48.75
    $41.60 - $84.50
    2 Polishing
    3 Scaling
    4 Extraction $24.00
    5 Examination & Diagnosis $16.50
    6 Topical Fluoride
    7 Radiographs
    $6.00 - $26.25
    $7.80 - $45.50

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