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Diabetes requires special care. Find out how to prepare for a trip, the things you should pack, and how to manage your condition when you are abroad.

Be Proactive

Travelling overseas

How to prepare for travel

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your trip overseas while managing your diabetes condition.

See your doctor for a vaccination, if possible
Check with your care team on medication and insulin dosage
Bring a medical letter or diabetes card regarding your diagnosis and medication
Get insurance coverage
Put necessary medication or insulin items in your carry-on bag

Things to pack in your carry-on bag

Medication or insulin items (e.g., insulin pens, vials, pen needles, syringes and swabs)
Glucometer with test strips, finger-pricking device and lancets
Medication for common illnesses
Sweets to prevent hypoglycaemia
(low blood sugar)
For short-haul flight or time zone difference of 1 to 2 hours

Maintain your medication schedule and insulin dosage

For long-haul flight or time zone difference of more than 2 hours

Discuss with your doctor regarding possible adjustments to your medication schedule and insulin dosage


How to manage diabetes while abroad

Drink plenty of water
Watch your food and calorie intake
Hand carry sugar-containing sweets
Always wear protective shoes
Hand carry medication or insulin items
Take medication as prescribed
Self-monitor your blood sugar level regularly
Know where to seek help
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