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Diabetics are sometimes unfairly stigmatised. Find out how you can manage this problem when you experience it.

Emotional Well-being

Stigma of diabetes


Diabetes stigma includes the experience of exclusion, rejection, prejudice, and blame that some people with diabetes encounter.

Learn how to identify this stigma, how it can lead to worse health outcomes, and what you can do to stand up to it.​

Stigmatisation can be a major challenge for those with diabetes and exists everywhere, including in the family, school, workplace, and healthcare settings. It prevents people from seeking care and managing their physical and mental health.​


Managing stigma

Be kind to yourself

Never blame yourself. You may mistakenly believe you are responsible for your condition, but internalised stigma can be just as harmful to your health as stigma from others.

Educate yourself on the many causes of diabetes and connect with people who share your experiences to help you overcome self-blame.​

Speak up

If you see stigmatising behaviour or statements being made, and try to open up a conversation with others by sharing accurate information about diabetes. information about diabetes. Being an ally to individuals with diabetes is key.

Share your stories with others

While many people may be reluctant to tell others they have diabetes, having these conversations with your friends, family, and colleagues can help humanise diabetes to those who are not familiar with the condition.

Join a diabetes support group.

Seek help

If you, your child or anyone you know, are being stigmatised and need assistance, please find a counsellor at a Family Service Centre (FSC) near you (visit MSF).

You can also contact the following diabetes groups:​

Diabetes Singapore
(65) 6564 9818​​
TOUCH Diabetes Support
(65) 6377 0122​
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