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Can T&CM cure diabetes? Uncover the truth, as well as the risks if it's used improperly to treat complications.

Be Aware

Traditional and Complementary Medicine


Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) aims to supplement general health and is not an alternative treatment for diabetes.

The concurrent use of T&CM with diabetic treatments may not be suitable for all.

Improper T&CM use has caused harm like burns from moxibustion. Such risks are greater in individuals who have complications arising from diabetes, e.g., decreased feeling or sensation due to neuropathy, or kidney failure. Please speak to your doctor before starting any T&CM treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture
Traditional medicines like Ayurveda
Herbal medicines and supplements

Before you start on T&CM

Continue with Western medicine unless otherwise advised by your doctor
Seek advice from a T&CM practitioner before taking herbal medicines or supplements
Continue to monitor your blood sugar as advised

What you need to know about T&CM

In Singapore, Traditional Medicine (TM) typically refers to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Traditional Malay Medicine (TMM), Traditional Indian Medicine (TIM), while Complementary Medicine (CM) refers to all other forms of medicine that are non–mainstream, e.g., chiropractic, osteopathy, aromatherapy, etc.

Scientific studies on effectiveness of T&CM for diabetes and its complications are inconclusive or insufficient.

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