Being an adolescent is a time of change and rapid developments both physically and mentally.

As a teen, you’re probably trying to develop your own individuality and identity. You are most likely to identify with your friends and even feel that your parents and family don’t really understand you. You may also spend more of your leisure time with your friends rather than with your family. However, this period may not feel as exciting or fun when you are coping with a chronic illness like diabetes.

Teenager Testing for Diabetes
*Being a teenager with diabetes may be difficult, but remain positive

Adolescence is also a very trying period marked with confusion, hope, angst and mood swings. Your hormones are raging and emotions can be unpredictable and contradictory. It does not help that your blood sugars can also affect your moods and make it an even more turbulent ride for you.

In addition to these various challenges, you need to cope with your diabetes. Some of you may have had it since very young and some of you may have just received the diagnosis. Regardless of how long you’ve had diabetes, you may start to resent having to live with it. You may experience a lot of new, intense negative emotions towards your diabetes care regime.

Read on for tips on how to cope with diabetes as a teenager.

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