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Perks of Brisk Walking in Singapore Malls

For those of us just starting to get more active, shopping at the mall is a good activity to ease us in. Here are some more reasons to try walking the malls.

Shop and Safe

Walking the malls is safe — the ground is flat, there are no vehicles to look out for, and you're sheltered from the scorching sun or pouring rain.

Health Promotion

There are plenty of health benefits to walking, and we're not just talking about weight management. Frequent bouts of walking will break up sedentary behaviour and improve your fitness level over time.

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Make the Most Out of Brisk Walking at Malls

Mother bringing her child out for a walk at various park connectors a few times a week.

Ready to walk the shops? Let's look at some ideas to turn your shopping trip into a good workout.

Brisk business

Instead of strolling, increase your walking speed and brisk walk. Brisk walking is a moderate-intensity activity that counts towards your goal of 150 to 300 minutes of moderate aerobic physical activity per week.

When brisk walking, your breathing and heart rate should increase slightly, and you should be able to chit-chat but not sing. You can start slow by brisk walking for 10 to 20 minutes first, before building it up to at least 30 minutes a day.

Track, Track, Track

Use a pedometer (on your phone or tracker) to monitor your number of steps and distance covered. Keep a log and challenge yourself to keep breaking records.

Bargain Buddies

3 friends shopping at a leisurely walking pace.

Want more motivation? Grab your buddies for a friendly competition to see who can take the most steps. The winner gets to pick something from their favourite stall as a prize.

Plan Your Route

Know where you're walking and have a rough idea of the distance you're covering. For example, the entire stretch of Orchard Road (from Wheelock Place to Dhoby Ghaut station) is about 2.2 km or 2,800 steps*.

Or choose one of the bigger malls so you have more ground to cover: Vivocity, Ion Orchard, and Mustafa Centre come to mind.

Make it a Routine

Woman brisk walking at the mall.

If you're up for a challenge, make mall-walking part of your regular workout routine.
*Subject to individual stride length.

Do consult your doctor before starting any exercise regime, and practise caution when exercising. Remember, safety first!

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