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What is the Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines (SPAG)?

Jointly developed by the Health Promotion Board and SportSG, the Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines (SPAG) is a document which provides nationally standardised, evidence-based physical activity and sedentary behaviour recommendations. Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines aims to raise awareness of the different recommendations and their associated health benefits.

Why is the Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines (SPAG) important?


Engaging in a variety of physical activities and movement is important to maximising health benefits and making every move count. The Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines encourages this by highlighting daily life examples, recommendations and solutions to empower everyone to be sufficiently active, reduce sedentary behaviour and build strength, balance and flexibility.

As a national reference material, these guidelines are made relatable by being presented according to demographic segments and individuals’ life stages. Anyone striving to pursue a more active lifestyle can refer to the segment(s) most relevant to them for digestible information and practical bite-sized tips.

Practitioners and Policymakers will also find the Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines’ comprehensive information about physical activity and consumer-friendly recommendations useful in guiding efforts to promote active living in Singapore.

For the full version of the Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines, click here.

For quick access to learn about the recommended amount and types of physical activity for you, download a handy guide below:

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