What is Your Way?

Are you thinking of ways to increase your daily step count? Or want to do something different but have run out of ideas? Take a peek at how others have done it and get some inspiration to work up your perspiration.

1. A Walk on the Wild Side

Photo courtesy of @melvinoyx, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[1]

You can walk way up high, like @melvinoyx did at the Tree Top Walk at MacRitchie and refresh your spirit.

Photo courtesy of @insynced, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[2]

Or venture into the wilderness at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, like @insynced.

Whether you hike at a nature reserve or a reservoir park, a dose of wilderness gives you a chance to enjoy the soothing effects of nature while getting some exercise.

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2. Get Moving with Family and Friends

Photo courtesy of @lowkc_tash, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[3]

You are never too young or old to be active, like @lowkc_tash who went dragon boat paddling with three generations of his family.

Photo courtesy of @mandyalextrixie, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[4]

Join @mandyalextrixie and her family who cycled at East Coast Park. It’s a great way for the family to bond outdoors through fun exercises suitable for all.

Photo courtesy of @nanalim03, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[5]

@nanalim03 makes her steps count by walking her children to and from school. This way, her children join in her walk and start cultivating an active habit from young too.

Photo courtesy of @ellenringo, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[6]

@ellenringo makes a pact with friends to work out together, rain or shine. Find your own kakis for walks, ball games, or sign up for an exercise class or charity run together.

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3. Visit Places of Interest

Photo courtesy of @ganchinboon, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[7]

@ganchinboon wandered through the Istana grounds like a tourist in his own country.

Photo courtesy of @seresoot, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[8]

@seresoot navigated the beautiful flora at Gardens by the Bay to reach her goal of 10,000 steps.

You too can plan your own itinerary by going on walking tours, or exploring places like museums, Little India, Chinatown, Botanic Gardens or the zoo. Share photos with your friends, and don’t forget to tag #my10ktoday to join in the fun!

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4. Put on your Dancing Shoes

Photo courtesy of @ch_active, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[9]

Crank up the music! Physical Education teachers from Catholic High (@ch_active) had fun doing a dance, dance, revolution!

Photo courtesy of @limdaoqing, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[10]

While @limdaoqing and partner sashayed and easily danced their way to 10,000 steps.

There's a dance to suit everyone: Zumba, tango, flamenco, ballroom, cha-cha, folk dancing or salsa. You don’t even need a partner if you do belly dancing or tap dancing.

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5. Sports are Fun

Photo courtesy of @bellapearlynn, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[11]

Here’s how to do your steps with a twist! @bellapearlynn got herself suspended and struck a pose in an aerial workout. Who says taking 10,000 steps is only about walking?

Photo courtesy of @wenwei2, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[12]

Give yourself a good stretch, with @wenwei2’s yoga poses. Join hands with a friend to motivate each other and stay active together.

Photo courtesy of @spiez01, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[13]

And here’s @spiez01 who joined a paddling team for an outdoor workout, all the way in Boracay.

There’s no need to exercise alone. Have a friendly competition with your friends to see who walks the most. This keeps everyone on their toes!

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6. Action-packed Vacations

Photo courtesy of @yasminelosesit, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[14]

How about going for an active vacation that is planned around physical activity? @yasminelosesit took on the sights of Bangkok in her stride.

Photo courtesy of @jaepereira, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[15]

Amid the magnificent surroundings of the Grand Canyon, @jaepereira trekked and soaked in the spectacular views.

Photo courtesy of @ohxyxyxy, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[16]

@ohxyxyxy scaled a peak that gave her legs a workout and helped her reach a fitness high.

Photo courtesy of @karyen.chai, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[17]

While @karyen.chai skipped the cable car ride and reached the peak of Table Mountain in South Africa the 10,000 steps way.

You can go on full-fledged adventure holidays, or simply bump up the physical activity in your vacation. For instance, instead of just lounging by the beach, find a resort that offers racquet game lessons, hikes and check out places of interest nearby.

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7. Turn Housework into a Workout

Photo courtesy of @song7486, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[18]

In fact, you don’t even have to step out of your house to get your workout done. Your house can be your exercise ground. @song7486 tackled those household to-dos and checked exercise off her list at the same time.

Mopping and scrubbing as you tidy the house also makes for a good aerobic workout. You can get an energetic workout by setting the timer for 10 minutes and see how much speed cleaning you can complete. Not only will your home look good, so will you.

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8. Just Play

Photo courtesy of @sharonchintong, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[19]

Have fun like @sharonchintong and her friends, who played catching in the park.

Photo courtesy of @joyyjoyyyy, participant of NSC #my10ktoday challenge.[20]

While @joyyjoyyyy had a jolly fun time with friends at Chestnut Nature Park.

When exercising becomes fun, you’re more likely to get it done!

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Find Your Way to #my10ktoday

There are so many ways to reach 10,000 steps a day. What is your way?

Whether you are 6 or 60, a working adult or a retiree, just clock steps in any way that suits you!

Stay tuned to the #my10ktoday social contest and share how you are hitting 10,000 steps a day! And don’t forget to download the Healthy 365 mobile app and join us at the National Steps Challenge™.

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