How Do You Get Back​ Your Pre-pregnancy Weight And Shape​?

A​fter delivery, many of the physical changes of pregnancy will persist for four to six weeks. Resuming pre-pregnancy exercises should be gradual and varied according to the individual. 

Exercise Regime 

You should aim to exercise for at least three times a week, with each session lasting for 30 minutes. Do make sure that you have at least 5 to 10 minutes of warm up and cooling down (read the article on ​​​Pregnancy Exercises). 

Exercise and Breastfeeding ​

It is ideal that you breastfeed before you exercise to avoid the build up of lactic acid in the breast milk. Adequate nutrition and hydration ​are important before you start your exercise. 

Moderate weight loss for the mother is safe at this stage. Aim for 1–2 kg of weight loss a month. Excessive weight loss may lead to decrease in milk production. 

Recommended Types of Exercises 

​For the first 6 weeks after delivery :

Abdominals — tummy exercise and curl up (Avoid if you had a Cesarean Section)
Pelvic tilt
Pelvic floor muscle exercise (read the article on Pelvic Floor Exercises)​ 

After 6 weeks of delivery :

Low impact aerobics
Aqua exercise
Abdominals — curl up and obliques

​After 4 months of delivery :

Jogging/ Running
Moderate to high impact aerobics

With regular exercise, proper diet and breastfeeding, it will be a breeze before you return to your pre-pregnancy weight and shape! 

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