Is your teenager ready for contact lenses?

No doubt they want to make the switch, but are contacts lenses right for teenagers? For most teenagers, contacts prescribed by a qualified eye care professional and used as instructed, are a safe and effective alternative to spectacles.

However, they are not for everyone.  For example, teenagers who suffer from dry eyes, frequent eye infections and severe allergies as well as those who are often in a dust-filled environment are not suited to wearing contact lenses.

If your teenager is wearing contact lenses or is considering wearing them as an alternative to spectacles, take note of these do's and don'ts:

  • Choose an experienced eye care professional

Consult an experienced optometrist or eye care professional to decide on the type of contact lenses that best suits your teenager’s needs and lifestyle. It is important that your child visit an eye care professional regularly, to ensure that any problems arising from lens wear are diagnosed and managed properly

  • Always practise good hygiene

Teach your teenager to always wash their hands thoroughly before handling contact lenses. Remind them to cleanse and disinfect contact lenses properly after each use to prevent eye infection. At all times, discard used solutions immediately and do not reuse solutions.

  • Clean lens case thoroughly

Cleaning the lens case is as important as caring for their contact lens, as the case is a potential breeding ground for bacteria. Rinse the case with contact lens solution and air-dry it every day. Replace the case regularly.

  • Use contact lenses correctly

Contact lenses should always be used in the manner prescribed by an eye care professional. Your teenager should remove them immediately if their eyes turn red or if they feel uncomfortable. Don’t wear them longer than advised and do not use daily wear lenses when sleeping. If any problems arise, consult an eye care professional or doctor immediately.

  • Avoid using eye drops

Eye drops are known to interact with all types of contact lenses. Except for lubricant drops recommended by an eye care professional, avoid using eye drops while wearing lenses or check with the doctor before applying them.

  • Use only approved contact lens solutions

Depending on your teenager’s eye condition and the type of contact lenses they wear, an eye care professional will recommend the best type of cleansing system for them. If they intend to use alternative cleansing products, do consult an eye care professional before doing so.

  • Discard over-aged or damaged contact lenses

Over-aged or ill-fitting lenses may scratch the eye or cause other eye problems. Discontinue wearing such contact lenses and replace them once they are damaged.

  • Take your teenager for periodic eye examinations

Have their eyes checked by an eye care professional at least once a year to re-evaluate their contact lenses.

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