According to Dr Catrine Tudor-Locke, author of Manpo-Kei: The Art and Science of Step Counting, "10,000 steps/day appears to be a reasonable estimate of daily activity for apparently healthy adults".

Hitting 10,000 steps a day might seem daunting but fret not, for here are some tips to help you reach this goal!

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5 Ways to Increase Your Step Count

#1 Take the Stairs

Head for the staircase whenever possible. Instead of taking the escalators at the MRT station, take the stairs to boost your daily step count.

The same can be applied to your home or even your workplace, assuming that your office is not on the 72nd floor! But if you feel like you’re up for the challenge, why not?

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#2 Take a Breather

Have you been glued to your seat for the past hour? Stand up and do a few knee raises or walk on the spot for a few minutes.

Better yet, walk briskly around the neighbourhood to really get your blood circulating. A short break of physical activity every hour may not seem like much, but the benefits you reap are huge.

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#3 Walk Around Your Neighbourhood

Go for a random walk around your neighbourhood. It’s a great way to explore what’s around you and hit your daily step count. Use google maps to find different routes. You may even stumble upon a new restaurant or café that you never knew existed.

You could even alight at a few bus stops before or after your usual stop on your way home. You will increase your daily step count and shave a few cents off your bus ride in the process.

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#4 Get Moving with Friends and Family

Instead of making excuses to not exercise, find reasons to keep moving! Go for a walk with your family after dinner. Walking together is a great opportunity to increase your daily step count as well as foster better ties with your loved ones.

Are you catching up with your friends over the weekend? Why not suggest a more active activity such as exploring Coney Island? If the heat bothers you, Singapore has a number of malls for you to stay cool and walk on!

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#5 Break It Up To Double Up

You don’t have to hit 10,000 steps in a single burst. If you are currently averaging 5,000 steps per day, you may find that suddenly doubling your efforts is too taxing.

Break it down into small, achievable daily goals. Aim to increase your step count by 1,000 steps a day until you reach the goal of 10,000 steps.or more.

Go for a brisk walk for 20 to 30 minutes after each meal instead. Not only does it help to add to your step count, walking also aids in digestion.

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