Walking while Window Shopping with friends or family is one of the best and easiest exercise one can do for a healthy lifestyle.

A — Aqua-aerobics

This low-impact workout is ideal for older adults and those with joint issues as the water’s resistance cushions impact. Make this physical activity a family event — take mommy, daddy or grandparents for aqua-aerobics.

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B — Biking

Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, biking builds muscle, improves stamina and burns calories. Rent some bikes at Punggol or East Coast with friends or your kids for a great bonding activity!

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C — Cleaning the House

Love a clean home? Put away the gym shoes and clean up instead! Simple household chores like sweeping and vacuuming can increase calorie burn. Did you know that 30 minutes of washing your car will burn the same amount of calories as 30 minutes of leisure canoeing?

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D — Dance Fit

Dance Fitness Classes focus mainly on cardiovascular exercises. Instructors plan easy-to-follow choreography that keeps participants moving in an effort to raise their heart rates Styles like Zumba, KpopX, Bhangra fall into this category. 

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E — Elliptical

If you haven’t tried the elliptical, give it a whirl. The elliptical is a low-impact activity that provides a total-body workout. Thirty minutes on the machine will burn twice as much calories as walking.

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F — Football

Get the family outdoors by organising a game of football at Botanic Gardens or one of the other parks. Kicking a ball around with friends can be silly and fun and, at the same time, improve your cardiovascular health and build strength, flexibility and endurance.

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G — Gardening

Got a green thumb? Turns out gardening isn’t as laid back as it looks. Even simple tasks such as weeding can burn up to 100 calories an hour. You may even gain a deeper appreciation for fruits and vegetables too, once you know how much effort it takes to grow and harvest them!

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H — Heavy Calisthenics

This is a form of exercise that uses only the resistance of your body’s weight, which means this can be done anywhere.

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I — Interval Training

Bored of the usual walking or jogging routine and ready to reward yourself with a bigger challenge? Try interval training — alternating periods of high- and low-intensity activity burns more calories. Intersperse your daily jog with short sprints to ramp up your exercise.

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J — Jiu-jitsu

With regular practice, you will not only lose weight, but also gain flexibility and strength with this self-defence system. But be warned — it’s a punishing workout.

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K — Kayaking

Maybe a day in the sun is your idea of a reward. Rent a kayak at East Coast or Sentosa. If sand gets to you, try MacRitchie Reservoir or Kallang Basin. Each stroke of the paddle incorporates every muscle in the upper body.

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L — Laser Tag

What’s more fun than zapping your hubby, wife, kids or friends with a laser gun? Get a burst of adrenaline as you dodge shots and seek your opponents in a friendly game of laser tag. Spending time with people you love also boosts your mood.

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M — Meditate

Reward yourself with a calming meditation. Mixing and matching strenuous activities like running with meditation exercises both your mind and body.

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N — Nature Walks

Nature lover? Spend a day exploring the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve or MacRitchie Reservoir. Bring the kids or friends to celebrate your achievement together. You can also go on a heritage trail around the Southern Ridges, beginning from Mount Faber.

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O — Outings

Organise an outing with your friends — a day where you and your friends relax and do whatever you most enjoy. You can also organise  “tourist days” where you and your friends:

  • window shop at tourist destinations like Orchard Road and Marina Bay Sands.
  • tour Tiong Bahru or Kampong Glam for its rich history, excellent eateries, and trendy shops
  • cycle around Pulau Ubin or Coney Island
  • make a trip to the Night Safari and Singapore Zoo
  • go for a boat ride along the Singapore river
  • enjoy a healthy dinner at Clarke Quay.

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P — Paragliding

Always wanted to get on one of those large parachutes and sail the skies? Take a paragliding course overseas. Join a club or association to learn the ropes.

Q — Qi Gong

Is your reward getting your whole family to exercise together? Suitable for all ages, qi gong focuses on improving balance, alignment and bodily functions such as circulation.

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R — Rock Climbing

Ready for something much more challenging? Learn rock climbing. Scaling up those walls involves upper body strength, intricate footwork, and core strength.

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S — Spinning

Love cycling but not thrilled about the heat? Take a spinning class. This indoor cycling workout works the abs and the legs, promising to burn up to 500 calories on average per class.

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T — Taking the Stairs

This is the most convenient and cheapest exercise option possible. Whether at work or at home, opt for the stairs instead of the lift — not just to burn off some extra calories but also to strengthen your lungs and heart. Reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure with every flight of stairs you take!

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U — Ultimate Frisbee

To break a sweat together with family and friends, head to the Botanic Gardens, Bedok Reservoir or any of our parks to play ultimate Frisbee — it’s easy to play and great fun.

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V — Volleyball

Ready to graduate to something of higher intensity? Try your hand at volleyball. You can play volleyball at community centres and sports halls. The sport calls for agility, speed, balance, and strength. Beach volleyball is a hit at Sentosa, so gather a bunch of friends and start a game!

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W — Walking

Sometimes the best reward is the little things — take a nice walk or stroll with a good friend or someone in the family. Chit chat, listen to each other and just enjoy the walk.

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X — eXercise

Exercise comes in many different forms. Simple exercises like leg raises and lunges can be done in the comfort of your own home.

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Y — Yoga

Sign up for yoga! Yoga involves meditation, breathing techniques and physical postures that strengthen muscles and bring a sense of calm. Try out different types of classes to find which style suits you best.

Z — Zumba

Love dancing? Reward yourself with a Zumba class. This Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout uses music and dance to create a fun fitness atmosphere. Be prepared for hip-swivelling, fist-pumping moves as you dance your way to fitness.

Do consult your doctor before starting any exercise regime, and practise caution when exercising. Remember, safety first!

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