We all want to experience something different and refreshing from time to time. If you take a step and venture out, you just might be intrigued by our sunny island and everything it has to offer for an active and healthy living.

So how does one avoid doing the same thing repeatedly? And most importantly, how can we have fun without burning a hole in our pockets??

Activities to Keep Fit and Healthy

Explore parks, trails and nature reserves

There are currently more than 300​ parks, trails, and nature reserves in Singapore, all ready for you to explore and enjoy with your friends or family members!

Walking, hiking and trekking are some great social activities that don't cost a thing and are easily accessible to all.

These activities also help you to maintain a healthy weight and stay fit. Regular exercise can help lower your risks of illnesses such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Exercising outdoors is also good for your mental health, as it reduces stress and anxiety, and may also give you more energy.

The Southern Ridges, for instance, is a trail spanning Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Kent Ridge Park. The route comprises a 36-metre high bridge known as the Henderson Waves and a brilliant view from the peak of Mount Faber.

​So, gather your buddies and organise a nice refreshing walk out in the open!

Visit offshore islands

Another outdoor activity you and your friends can consider is cycling in Pulau Ubin.

Army guys may be accustomed to Pulau Tekong, but for some outdoor relaxation, why not take a boat out to rural Pulau Ubin, where old-school kampong houses still remain and forestry is abundant.

In an age of pollution, Pulau Ubin is a breath of fresh air – literally! Your heart and lungs will thank you for all that exercise and fresh air.

Something not to be missed is Chek Jawa Wetlands, opened to the public since 2007. Chek Jawa has a rich biodiversity, but most of it can only be seen at low tide so be sure to check the tide schedule!

The construction of a boardwalk and viewing tower allows visitors to appreciate Chek Jawa in close proximity without any harm to the natural environment.

Chek Jawa is a 40-minute bicycle ride from the entrance of Pulau Ubin, where bicycles can be rented.

Leisure Activities for a Healthy Lifestyle

There are many things to do in Singapore, whether indoors or outdoors, with friends and family members, or on your own!

All you need is to put a little effort and time to find the activities that'll get you going!​​​ Don’t forget also to choose healthy meals over junk food! Couple your active lifestyle with healthy eating habits for a happy and healthy life!

Download the HealthHub app on Google Play or Apple Store to access more health and wellness advice at your fingertips.

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