By Dr Janice TUNG, Associate Consultant and Associate Professor Tan Thiam Chye, Visiting Consultant, , Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, KK Women's and Children's Hospital

close up of a dragonfruit cut in half

What's Happening to Your Baby?

Go ahead and start discussing favourite baby names with your husband because you'll be able to tell the sex of your little dear through an ultrasound this week. Your baby's hearing is developed so your voice, and the songs you've been singing, will be music to the ears. Your little darling can also hear your heartbeat.

Your baby's own heart is busy pumping around 23 litres of blood a day. Among other developments: fine-tuning facial features with eyebrows and eyelashes, and practising squints and expressive frowns. Your dragon fruit-sized darling is ready for a growth spurt in the next few weeks and will double ikn weight.

What's Happening to You?

Your body's changing from looking a little bulgy around the middle to an obviously pregnant belly — you might even get offered a seat on the MRT now. Your morning sickness has subsided and you might be walking around with that pregnancy glow that everyone talks about. Try to limit sugary drinks and sweets to avoid unnecessary weight gain (cut down on bandung and teh tarik for the time being) and to protect your teeth and gums, which are more susceptible to gum disease during pregnancy.

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