Apart from acute diabetic emergencies, high blood sugar does not cause death or disability in itself. Most of the disability from diabetes mellitus results from the chronic complications of diabetes mellitus, and we stress again, these are preventable.

The complications of diabetes mellitus affect many organs in the body, and these include the eyes, heart, feet, kidneys, and the nervous system.

How the Eyes are Affected by Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus can affect your eyesight.

Diabetes mellitus can affect the eyes in many ways. Cataracts and glaucoma are more common in patients with diabetes mellitus. In addition, diabetes can affect the part of the eye at the back which is responsible for sensing light and colour, the retina.

In the retina, small vessels become “leaky” resulting in the formation of exudates. If these exudates are too close to the most sensitive area of the retina, the macula, this can impair your vision.

Diabetes Management to Prevent Eye Diseases

Diabetic eye disease is one of the reasons you must try to keep your blood sugar under strict control. Good control of blood sugar lowers your risk of eye disease, and even if you already have an eye disease, it can prevent it from getting worse.

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