Cut Calories and Still Feel Full

Have you resolved to lose five kilograms but don’t know how to start? It does not have to be a monumental task. In fact, it can be as easy as reducing your calorie intake and cutting just 100 Calories from each of your daily meals.  

Here is a handy breakdown of how you can cut 100 Calories from favourite dishes at each meal without missing out on taste, flavour or satisfaction.

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A Health Breakfast to Start The Day Right


Kaya and butter toast, boiled eggs and kopi or teh is a classic Singapore breakfast. But stick only to the kaya and tell the coffee shop uncle to leave out that chunk of butter between the two slices of bread, which adds another 180 Calories.

If you hunger for a plate of fragrant carrot cake or chye tau kueh, choose the plain white carrot cake (402 Calories) over the black, (556 Calories); it’s just as delicious, but over 100 Calories lighter. Even better, share your carrot cake with a friend — and the calories saved will be even more!

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Keeping it up at Lunchtime with Healthier Lunch Habits 


Don’t let hunger get the better of smart choices; almost every dish has a less calorific option. If you are looking at duck rice, opt instead for braised duck with yam rice, which serves up a reasonable 540 Calories, whereas roasted duck rice notches up 714 Calories. Choosing plain rice over flavoured rice, such as chicken rice, nasi lemak rice, nasi biryani rice or yam rice, will also cut your calorie intake by 120 Calories.

Chicken rice may be the quintessential Singapore dish but look out for what type of chicken rice you are eating. Nasi ayam penyet, or Indonesian fried chicken rice, dishes up a staggering 936 Calories. Chicken rice, even with the skin removed, comes at a hefty 635 Calories. Make these occasional indulgences so that your weight management efforts are not hampered.

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A Light Evening Meal Before a Good Night’s Sleep - Ideal Dinner Intake


A dinner of 500 Calories is ideal to end the day. Keep your biggest and most decadent meal to lunch as large dinners may cause discomfort and hinder your sleep.

A comforting serving of soup can be a good way to end the day, but be aware of what is in your bowl. Fish soup bee hoon with evaporated milk and deep-fried fish notches up 642 Calories (while fish soup bee hoon without milk adds up to 326 Calories).

If you are eating out, steer clear of rich starters. Dumplings are delicious, but opt for boiled or steamed prawn dumpling at just 48 Calories per dumpling, compared to its fried equivalent, which weighs in at 62 Calories per dumpling. 

One hundred Calories may not seem like a lot, but making the effort to cut calories from each meal will add up to make shedding any excess kilograms, extra easy.

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