Physical Activity Fun Both in and Out of the Sun!

Pui Yi and her husband exercise every day, inspiring their children to follow their lead and join in 4 to 5 times a week. The family often prefers to have some active fun outdoors at playgrounds and parks.

While indoors, they like to use screen time productively - by using it to play workout videos to follow along to. “The children always ask us whether we can exercise to workout videos together!” chirped Pui Yi, showing how their active lifestyle has ignited their children’s passion for physical activity.

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Every Day Is Mental Health Day!

“We prioritise mental health.” Pui Yi emphasised. “We deliberately structure our work schedules to maintain a good work-life balance, so that we have time to be physically present for our children.” The parents commit to eating dinner with their children every evening no matter how busy they are.

“We also share bedtime rituals where we cuddle with our children in bed, and share about our day and how we feel. This is a very important part of our lives as it helps with family bonding.”

Their dedication to family time builds trust and allows them to set good examples for their children in expressing and regulating their emotions in a healthy manner.

Quality time

Little Habits, Big Impact!

Reflecting on her journey so far, Pui Yi says:

“This has been a great reminder that us parents have the biggest influence on our children. They see what we do and copy us, so we must keep healthy not just for ourselves but for them too. We will continue to model healthy habits for our children, and hope this will help them develop good habits for their own future families.”

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