This March, have your child take a break from school assignments and term tests. A lot can be done in a week, so why not consider some enriching activities for your child to get started on? Here are a few ideas that can encourage your child to discover more about themselves.

Pick Up Something New

Take the time out to encourage your children to explore their interests.

Has your child always been interested in a sport, or perhaps a hobby or musical instrument they have always been curious about? For this March holiday, take the learning away from the textbooks and explore other areas where they can grow! Encourage them to start picking up a new hobby by checking out the onePA website for a variety of courses that are available at a community centre near you! Enroll together and turn it into a bonding activity!

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Kick Start A New Healthy Lifestyle

Take the chance to kickstart healthy eating habits during the school holidays.

Are you trying to encourage the family to adopt a healthier lifestyle? The holidays are a good time to start making changes without the stress of school life to get in the way. Whether it is eating right and in moderation, or trying to achieve 150 minutes of physical activity every week, healthiness is a habit that is best to kickstart with momentum. Use the holidays as an opportunity to help your children start a lifestyle that will reap benefits long after their break! Encourage them to start a diary to track their progress so they can see how much they have achieved.

Go Off the Beaten Path (There is Life Outside of Orchard Road)

Chek Jawa is a short boat ride from Singapore and features diverse biodiversity.

This March holiday, instead of visiting Orchard or your usual hangouts, why not take your children out for a little exploration around Singapore? Show them that there is more to Singapore than shopping malls and movie theatres. From the alleys of Little India or the quaint shophouses of Chinatown, there are plenty of nooks in our sunny island to discover.

If you’re worried that your child might turn into an urban softie, why not take them to explore the trees at the Treetop Walk or immerse themselves in the rich biodiversity of Chek Jawa. You can even opt for a farm stay away from the city without having to go overseas! Bring out the inner adventurer in your children and go somewhere in Singapore you’ve never been!

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Immerse Yourself in Culture

The Singapore ArtScience Museum has several interesting exhibitions to visit.

We often think of museums as “boring” or “stuffy”, chances are your children think so too! You might be surprised to know that in addition to art and historical exhibitions, our museums have tons of exciting activities like cultural performances, themed festivals and film screenings that you can enjoy as a family!

Take the opportunity to bond as a family and open your minds to different experiences. Check out the Singapore Art Museum, ArtScience Museum or the National Museum of Singapore.

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Lend a Helping Hand

Volunteering activities are a great way to teach children to care for others and the environment.

Teach your child compassion for others and appreciation for what they have by reaching out to someone who needs help. Consider spending the holiday volunteering for a charity or non-profit organisation like an animal shelter or a senior citizens’ home.

Perhaps you and your child will find the activity fulfilling. Any amount of time and effort makes a difference. You can find a cause you and your children are passionate about at

A week of holidays isn't particularly long, but it's enough time to do something both enjoyable and meaningful that might make it a productive break for you and your children.

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