Indoor Wall Climbing

rock climbing

Flex those arms and legs as you hop onto a rock wall and attempt to shimmy your way to the top. Indoor climbing gyms such as Climb Central[1] have multiple routes of varying difficulties, and change these regularly so you can keep exploring new ways up the wall. For serious climbers, consider getting a belay certification so you and your friends can take turns to belay each other.

Details on the different types of passes Climb Central offers can be found on their website. Pick the option that suits your budget and get climbing!

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Young girl playing on the trampoline with her little sibling

Unleash your inner Ninja Warrior at Bounce Singapore[3], a trampoline park where you can bounce off walls and soar high in the air. For a total body workout, take on the obstacle course in X-Park, which comprises 15 different elements that require a combination of speed, strength, balance and agility.

Once you've mastered the various elements, challenge your friends to complete the course in the shortest possible time! More details can be found on the Bounce Singapore website[4].

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Sabre Duelling

light saber fight

Be like your favourite Star Wars characters and take on your mates in a sabre duel! Far from just wielding a lighted sword, classes run by The Sabre Authority[5] teach techniques such as attack lines, striking combinations, footwork patterns and defensive methods.

Try it out with a single class at $20, or pick up a monthly membership pass that starts at $70 for four sessions. Alternatively, dedicated learners can try picking up the skills at home with a free video series[6] created by the company.

Dialogue in the Dark

What if you lived in a world without sight? This is the question posed by Dialogue in the Dark[7], an hour-long tour that lets you experience this first hand. During the hour, you’ll navigate themed environments such as a typical housing estate, neighbourhood market and a park by the water, aided only by a white cane.

Through these tours, Dialogue in the Dark hopes to raise awareness and inclusiveness of people with visual and social impairments. Go with an open mind, and you might come away with a fresh perspective and a newfound appreciation of sight. Bookings are encouraged and priced at $15 (UP $25) for students aged 9 and above[8].

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Stand Up Paddling

stand up paddling

Love the water? Give stand up paddling a go, which involves balancing on an oversized surfboard while manoeuvring around a body of water. The sport requires a strong core, sense of balance, and water confidence — just in case you do fall!

Multiple organisations offer stand up paddling courses and equipment rental starting at about $60 per hour[9]. Alternatively, ActiveSG[10] offers similar courses at the same price that can be partially subsidised with ActiveSG credits.

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Archery Tag

Archer aiming at the target

If you’re a fan of the Hunger Games or Lord of the Rings, or simply looking for a fun new sport, pick up a bow and a foam-tipped arrow for a game of Archery Tag. Combat Archery[11], which caters to students, parties and companies, will organise a series of games with different objectives. All you have to do is understand the game’s mission, and then fire away! Games start at $15 per pax.

Ultimate Frisbee

ultimate frisbee

Get outdoors for a game of ultimate frisbee, where your hand-eye coordination will be tested as you try to throw and catch the spinning disc on the go. Newbies can join players from the Ultimate Players Association[12] of Singapore on Beginners Nights, which take place every Wednesday evening at Marina Bay Financial Centre. Visit their Facebook group for more information on the free event[13].

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