Have a fully stocked first aid ready so that you can perform first aid at home.    

A well-stocked first-aid kit, kept within easy reach is a necessity in every home. 

A basic first-aid kit should contain the following:



Adhesive tape

To hold dressings in place

Adhesive / elastic bandages in various sizes

To cover, dress and protect cuts & wounds

Alcohol swabs

To clean and disinfect the skin (applied to skin that is not broken up to the edges of the wound)

Antiseptic cream or solution

To clean and prevent infection of cuts and wounds

Burn ointment

To prevent infection of burns

Cotton balls

To apply medication or wash and clean wounds

Eye wash solution

To irrigate and wash the eye


To cover cuts and wounds

Scissors & tweezers

To cut gauze and bandages and remove foreign objects from the skin

20ml sodium chloride

To clean wounds

Two pairs of disposable latex gloves

To prevent contamination of wounds and prevent infection

Six safety pins

To hold bandages together

Triangle bandage

To support an injured arm

Sterile dressings/gauze

To dress and clean wounds

You may also wish to include the following supplies, as well as medication for common ailments:



Hot/cold pack

For muscle aches and sprains

Medicated oil

To relieve nasal congestion and dizziness

Antiseptic handwash

To wash hands


To measure body temperature

Activated charcoal
Oral rehydration salts
Calamine lotion

For pain and fever
For diarrhoea
To prevent dehydration due to diarrhoea
To soothe insect bites & minor skin rashes

The contents of your family first-aid kit or medicine chest will vary depending on the people in your home and their needs. Our pharmacists can help you select the appropriate first-aid supplies for your home or workplace. 

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