Healthier eating out today are aplenty, thanks to the Healthier Dining Programme, where dining partners across coffeeshops, food courts and restaurants in Singapore have come together with the mission to provide healthier meals for customers.


Read on to find out what delicious Indian cuisine you can enjoy at the Healthier Dining Partner establishments throughout the day while still meeting your health and nutrition goals.







A type of pancake that originates from South India, Appam is made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. Have it alone, or with Dhal curry to give you that early morning boost!

Puttu Mayam

This rice noodle dish is light, soft and springy, perfect if you prefer to start your day with something light. Usually served with toppings such as coconut and sugar, Puttu Mayam is a satisfying snack that might remind you of Chinese-style beehoon (vermicelli).



Roti Prata is a popular supper item in Singapore, but it can also be rather unhealthy! You can choose to go lighter with Thosai – a thin savoury pancake mainly made from lentils and rice flour. Pair it with Dhal (skip the creamy ones to keep the fat intake at bay!) and that makes for a satisfying meal to start the day on a great note! Best of all, you can find it in just about any shop or food court, right in your neighbourhood.





Meat, spices, and some vegetables – grilled to perfection. As with most grilled food, you get less oil and less sugar and cream-laden gravy – but the flavours remain!


Vendekka Vazhattiyathu

This side dish is made of lady’s fingers, stir-fried with an array of aromatic spices.



For a full meal with all the works, you can try vegetable biryani – go for stir-fried vegetables instead of deep-fried or curried ones for a healthier twist. You can also try fish biryani for your source of protein and healthy fats – remember to go easy on the curry! If you’re wondering just how much is a good amount to eat, you can go by the Quarter, Quarter Half guideline – ¼ plate of wholegrains, ½ plate of fruit & vegetables, and ¼ plate of protein.




Tandoori Chicken

One rule of thumb when eating healthier food, is to go for grilled food instead of fried ones. A great grilled meat dish to try is Tandoori Chicken, where most of the flavour comes from meat and marinade instead of oils and fats. Red, charred, and bursting with flavour, this one will have your tastebuds cheering.


Palak Dhal

A dish made with spinach, lentils, spices and herbs, this comforting dish is aromatic, tasty, and rich in fibre and protein. Use it as a sauce for your roti or chapati (skip the naan!), and there you have it – a healthier choice meal!



Made with whole-wheat flour, chapati is considered a healthier version of roti. While you can have it as it is, try it with some Dhal curry for that rich flavour Indian cuisine is so well known for!

Eating out healthily can be a fun, affordable and convenient experience – especially when there are so many choices available across the country. Look out for food stalls and restaurants with the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) decal displayed at stall fronts. 


Some HCS decal examples :



While you’re dining with your loved ones, do remember that eating in moderation is key. Do eat slowly and mindfully, so you can take the time to focus on chatting with your loved ones or friends at the meal.


So, there you have it – some healthier choices for Indian cuisine that can last you throughout the day. With a little planning and creative food substitution ideas, eating out can be a healthier affair. Enjoy!