Since August 6, people — from the very young to the young-at-heart — have been hunting for monsters all over the island! For those who have yet to jump on the bandwagon, Pokémon Go is a mobile game that couples augmented reality (AR) with your smartphone’s global positioning system (GPS) to help you hunt for adorable creatures known as Pokémon. By flicking Pokémon balls at these monsters, you can trap them and subsequently, use them to battle other monsters at Gyms, which are found at selected venues. Apart from Gyms, Pokémon trainers can also visit landmarks called Pokéstops to collect useful items that can be used in the game.

As with any video and mobile game, know the hazards involved, such as eye strain and poor posture. Set limits on playing time, and take five-minute vision breaks by focusing on a distance of about six metres away every 30-40 mins — or better yet, go play with a frisbee or kick the old football around.

With its unique game features and inexplicable popularity across all demographic, Pokémon Go can be the unifying game for families to play together. Why not pack a picnic and head outdoors with your family for a stroll? At the same time, children can lower their odds of myopia with Vitamin D gained through moderate sun exposure. Sunlight causes the secretion of dopamine in the retina, which prevents the elongation of the eyeball that causes myopia.

Complete the healthy outing with a basket full of healthy snacks, such as wholemeal sandwiches, wraps, and fruit salads. Remember your sunscreen, and you are all ready to hit up any of these Pokémon hotspots to catch ’em all!

1. Fun Activities for Kids at the Gardens by the Bay

There are several fun activities for kids at the Gardens by the Bay

Catch Pokémon high in the air in the Supertree Grove, or around Gardens by the Bay, which has 62 Pokéstops and five gyms[1] spread across its grounds. If it gets too hot or starts to rain, seek shelter in the flower dome or cloud forest, which are climate controlled for cool air. Gardens by the Bay is home to over a million plants which you can admire while you hatch your eggs — just don’t trample on the flowerbeds as you chase down that Arcanine!

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2. Playing the Game at Punggol Waterway

Bond with your kids over some fun family activities in Singapore.

Catch water-type Pokémon along the North Eastern Riverine Loop, which includes Punggol Park, Punggol Waterway and Coney Island. The 26km loop means you can hatch plenty of eggs on foot, bicycle or electric scooter. Watch out for fellow park connector users, and don’t go too fast! Exceed Pokémon Go’s speed limit and it won’t count the distance covered towards hatching your eggs.

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3. Visit Play Areas at HDB Estates

Teach kids to take screen time breaks and play outside.

No time to head far? You’ll still find lots of Pokémon action in your neighbourhood. Pokéstops in HDB estates include playgrounds, sculptures and wall murals, and you might notice previously-overlooked features of your estates. Pack a healthy picnic and bring it to a Gym, so the whole family can take turns to do battle there.

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4. Explore the Central Business District (CBD) On Foot

Explore the CBD area on foot and set some time to relax.

Make a weekend trip to the CBD to hit the Pokéstops there, and have fun wandering along the empty streets. Good picnic spots include The Lawn at Marina Bay Financial Centre or along the Singapore River. For some Pokémon catching with a view, head up to Pinnacle@Duxton’s 50th story skybridge, which doubles as a breezy and relaxing picnic spot. Your eyes will love the scenic vision breaks!

5. Learn and Play at the Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Give your kids a chance to play and learn by taking them to the zoo.

Balance out your obsession with virtual animals with some real ones at the Singapore Zoo, Bird Park, River Safari and Night Safari. All four parks have released special maps with recommended routes to hit all the Pokéstops and Gyms. Take the opportunity to teach kids about conserving endangered animals such as the pangolin, orangutan and white rhinoceros, which are even rarer than wild Pokémon.

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6. Let’s Go Play Outside at Sentosa

Engage in physical activity or something refreshing and healthy when taking a screen time break.

The island is great for a day trip with the family. Try making it a challenge to see who can catch the most Pokémon, or the rarest, or the most powerful. Don’t forget to enjoy the real world too — set a given time frame to ensure that data charges don’t go through the roof. When you’re done catching Pokémon, Sentosa’s many beaches are a great place for a picnic and a game of beach soccer or volleyball.

7. Fun Activities for Kids at The Vivocity Rooftop

Take your kids to picnic spots or indoor playgrounds to allow your kids to get enough exercise.

Shop at the mall’s supermarket or one of its many stores for ingredients to have a picnic on the rooftop. Sweet treats like strawberries, blueberries and grapes are both refreshing and healthy, or order a wrap and go light on the dressing. There are seven Pokéstops on the rooftop alone, which is also known for its high concentration of lures.

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