A resilient person facing a difficult situation is like a football bouncing back after being kicked. Whenever the ball hits an obstacle, it simply bounces off in a new direction.

We all face varying degrees of adversities in many areas of life, such as work, family, and relationships. Everyone comes across daily stresses such as feeling overworked, relationship problems, and juggling multiple tasks (imagine having to pick up kids from tuition, take your father to the dentist, and buy a birthday cake… all before lunchtime). Also, major life events such as a divorce, serious illness or death in our family, can really test our courage and confidence. 

The key to successfully managing these challenges is resilience. Those with low resilience may respond to difficulties by giving up or by being unable to function. Resilient people adapt well to stressful situations and life-changing conditions bravely and with dignity; they face adversities with confidence in their abilities to handle crises, and the courage to overcome obstacles.

Resilience involves a number of skills that will take you through the hardships of life. Learning to be resilient involves understanding your thinking style, and learning to adopt new thinking skills and adaptive behaviours.

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