Healthy Meal Plan For Preschoolers 

Under this programme, participating schools need to follow the food services guidelines. These include:

  • Cutting down fat, sugar and salt

  • Serving whole grains, fruit and vegetables

  • Serving healthy set meals

    • These meals incorporate food from the four main food groups – brown rice and wholemeal bread, meat and others, vegetable and fruit. These help students receive the appropriate nutrients necessary for their growing needs.


Participating pre-schools are evaluated by assessors commissioned by HPB. Pre-schools which meet the guidelines will be certified and listed on HPB's website for easy reference. For more details on HMPP, You can refer to the Healthy Meals in Pre-schools Programme (HMPP) Toolkit 2018.​​ Pre-schools that are accredited from April 2017 to March 2019 are listed here.

Party foods in pre-schools tend to be indulgent. Are there healthier party foods? Let’s find out what are some available healthier party food & drinks​​​.

Support for Pre-schools

We provide culinary training, consultations and assessments for participating pre-schools. During the culinary training workshops, we advise the pre-schools’ cooks and supervisors on the following: 

  • Menu planning and healthier cooking methods

  • Using healthier ingredients such as brown rice

  • Appropriate portioning of food for children.

For your reference, we have compiled a list of suppliers that provide healthier food and ingredients.

Our assigned assessors will evaluate participating pre-schools.

Find out more about how some of our participating pre-schools innovately incorporate healthy eating and nutrition education here.



These are some recipes developed for preschools' cooks as a guide to prepare healthier, tasty and appealing meals for preschoolers:

1. Tuna Onigri
2. Brown Chicken Rice
3. Asian Wanton Mee
4. Oriental Beehoon
5. Annie's Chicken Briyani
6. Liza's Mee Soto
7. Nana's Roti Jala
8. Ah Teck's Char Kway Teow
9. Surprise Hashbrown
10. Chrysanthemum drink
11. Meatless (Pulled Califlower) BBQ Burger
12. Oriental Tofu Wonton Soup
13. Ah Tan's Chwee Kueh
14. Grandma's Chocolate Cake
15. Old School Cookie Monster
16. Jack's Bean Soup
17. Mama's Yummy Chicken Oat Balls
18. Dips & Sticks
19. Pulut Hitam in a Cup

Preschools may also refer to this sample 4-week cycle menu to plan and prepare healthier offerings for the children.

Application and further enquiries

Kindly fill up the HMPP Application Form_2018 to participate in this programme. For more information, you can email HPB_PPD@hpb.gov.sg.