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Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS)

The Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) is awarded to food products which meet the Health Promotion Board (HPB)'s HCS nutritional criteria. These criteria differ with food categories, are science-based and where possible, bench-marked against other countries implementing similar guidelines. For each criterion, HPB also engages key manufacturers to assess the technical feasibility of these guidelines. You can view the HCS guideline here.

The aim of the criteria is to lower levels of "negative" nutrients such as saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, and salt, and increase levels of "positive" nutrients such as fibre and calcium in the food supply.

Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS)

The Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) on packaged food products indicates that they are healthier options, and this helps consumers to make informed food choices when grocery shopping.
Food products awarded the HCS are generally:

  • lower in fat, saturated fat and transfat
  • lower in sodium
  • lower in sugar
  • higher in calcium
  • higher in dietary fibre

As an example, breads displaying the HCS should contain no trans fat, less sodium ( 450 g/100g) and more dietary fibre ( 3g per 100g) compared to the regular bread. 3-in-1 coffee sachets, on the other hand contains no trans fat, less saturated fat ( 60% of total fat) and less sugar ( 5 g/100ml) compared to regular 3-in-1 coffee powders. To date, there are guidelines covering over 70 food categories.

You can view the list of HCS products here.

​​Variety, balance and moderation is the key

You can include a variety of HCS products as part of a healthy balanced diet. However, like all food, they should be eaten in moderation.

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