elderly man and woman exercising for a healthy brain

1)    Be physically active

Research shows that using our muscle also helps our mind. Exercise improves blood flow and memory. It also lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels, balance sugar level and reduces mental stress. Sign up for exercise classes such as Zumba Gold or Taichi through HPB's Active Ageing Programmes.

2)    Have a balanced diet

Diet with high salt and sugar could lead to chronic diseases such as hypertension, which increases the risk of stroke. Eat a healthy diet of more fruits and vegetables. Have less sugar and salt, and choose food low in saturated fats such as fish and soya. We can plan our meals using My Healthy Plate. Click here to find out more about My Healthy Plate.

3)    Say NO to tobacco and reduce alcohol consumption

Avoid all forms of tobacco and limit alcohol intake. These are the risk factors for chronic diseases such hypertension, which may lead to stroke.

4)    Sleep well

Sleep energises us, improves our mood and strengthens our immune system. Poor sleep or sleep loss leads to fatigue, immune suppression, poor memory and concentration.

5)    Get mentally stimulated

Challenge our brain by doing activities such reading, playing cards and board games, and solving crossword puzzles. Pick up a new skill, learn a new language or a musical instrument. These activities will reduce our risk of dementia.

6)    Build positive relationships

Have frequent interactions with family and friends. Volunteer or join a club to make more friends and participate in community activities.

7)    Take safety measures

Prevent head injuries and falls by taking safety measures such as keeping our house clutter free, wearing safety helmets when cycling and always putting on the seat belt during car rides.

Studies have shown that a healthy lifestyle can reduce risk of chronic diseases and dementia. Let's take these active steps for a healthy mind today!