Hello, World!

Why is it so bright? I can hardly open my eyes! Who are all these people crowding around me? It’s scary being out of Mummy’s womb, where I was snug and warm. Where’s my Mummy?

A nurse places me in Mummy’s arms, and she holds me close to her chest. Ah, this feels better. I hear her familiar voice calling me “baby”. I can even feel her heart beating fast like mine!

I like snuggling with Mummy. It makes me feel safe and warm. Mummy strokes my head and cuddles me for what seems like a long time before I get hungry. I start to fidget and crane my neck.

I found it! There’s her nipple and I try to latch on. Mummy uses her fingers to help me. So this is suckling! I am tasting breast milk. Oh, I’m so sleepy…

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Sleeping Close to Mummy

Yawn, what a nap. Where am I now? Ah, I am in a cot next to Mummy’s bed. She is sleeping, but she wakes up as soon as she hears me make smacking noises!

I’m glad Mummy sleeps close to me in the same room. I can see her every time I open my eyes and she knows when I’m hungry! Her hands are on me as soon as I start fidgeting and moving my lips. Sometimes, I don’t even get a chance to wail!

Mummy knows how to pick me up and hold me gently. I hear Daddy say they learnt it from antenatal classes. She also knows how to hold me in different positions so I am comfortable the entire time.

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I Can Drink Breast Milk All Day

I’m glad Mummy is helping me, because breastfeeding is tiring! I have to open my mouth wide to suckle, and suck hard enough so Mummy’s milk will flow.

Oh, here’s a nurse coming to check on Mummy while I am busy suckling. She says we are slowly getting the hang of it. Mummy and I just have to be patient and keep trying. I don’t mind! Breast milk is so tasty, I don’t need to eat or drink anything else.

I’m full now and it’s making me sleepy again. Mummy laughs as she put me back in my cot, and I hear her tell Daddy I’m milk drunk. What does that mean?

Mummy and I have both gotten better at breastfeeding. I’m used to feeding from Mummy’s nipple, and her milk flows faster now. I’m glad I get to drink more! When I’m full, Mummy usually cuddles me for a while longer before returning me to my cot. That makes me happy.

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Time to Go Home

Just now, a doctor checked both Mummy and me. He said we are healthy, so we can go home today! I wonder how my room looks like?

Mummy is talking to someone called a “lactation consultant”. She tells the lady that she will continue to breastfeed me at home. I open my eyes and see the lady smiling at Mummy. She also gives Mummy a number to call if she needs help.

More people are coming into the room. They are Mummy’s new friends in the hospital coming to say goodbye. They ask Mummy to join a breastfeeding support group and keep talking about breastfeeding tips. Wow, is breastfeeding that hard? Not for me!

Daddy says I have to keep drinking breast milk so I can grow big and strong. I wonder when I’ll be as big as him? Well, no time to think about that, let’s hurry and go home. I’m hungry!

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