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you are what you eat

Calories give us the fuel for our daily activities, and how many calories we need per day varies from person to person depending on several factors such as age, gender and physical activity.

Technically, managing our weight sounds easy: just don't eat more than our daily calorie intake.

In practice, managing our weight involves both not eating more than our daily calorie needs and choosing healthier, more nutritious food options.

To do so, we'd want to know both caloric and nutritional information. Enter the Nutrition Information Panel, a handy tool to glean more information about the food you're eating.

The panel, found on packaged foods, will tell you the caloric content of the food as well as nutritional information such as fat, protein and sugar content.

The caloric information helps you approximate how much to eat to stay within your daily recommended intake while the nutritional information helps you make the healthier choice when choosing food products.

For example, keep a look out for important nutrients such as fibre and protein, and avoid products that are high in sugar and saturated fat.

calorie notepad and calculator

You could estimate the caloric content with this formula:

1g of fat = 9 calories

1g of carbohydrates = 4 calories

1g of protein = 4 calories

Or use the Healthy 365 app, which comes with a database of food and nutritional information and helps you track your meals. These tools will help to manage your calorie and nutritional intake better.

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