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Parents can appeal to the tech-savvy generation with these games, apps and fitness trackers to nudge them into motion. Better yet, get the whole family involved in some friendly physical competition.

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Activity Trackers​​

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Activity trackers record movements and award achievements when kids meet their daily movement goals. They also revise goals based on previous achievements, which encourages children to constantly up their fitness game. If your child is a real mover and shaker, you can even help them set customisable goals that are realistic yet challenging.

Add the rest of the family and keep track of each other’s progress. You’ll get notifications when they meet their movement goals, and can send encouraging messages via the app to motivate one another — or a nudge when someone is feeling lazy!

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Mobile App Games

Get your child off the couch with mobile app games which require them to walk or run in order to perform on-screen action.

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Healthy 365

HPB Healthy365 App

Teach kids to be responsible for their health and diet with the Healthy 365, a health and diet tracking mobile application. Children can log their daily steps count in the app by linking tracking devices such as the HPB’s step trackers.

If your child is struggling to maintain a healthy weight, sign up as a duo for Lose To Win® Family, a free programme which is open to children aged 6-17 with a BMI-for-age criterion of ≥ 90th percentile. Eligible children may receive a free HPB steps tracker, and can redeem vouchers when they clock steps or take part in physical activities and workshops. Lose To Win® Family is open for registration until 30 December 2016.

Meanwhile, adults can participate in the National Steps Challenge™. Bring your children along as you clock steps to earn points, then redeem these points for sure-win vouchers worth up to $35, or chances to win gadgets and vacations in the Grand Draw!

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