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10 Fun Ways To Get Active

Get active and put more steps in your life using these fun and simple ways.

Let's get moving!
  • Getting active starts at home.
    Did you know that doing housework burns calories too? The amount burnt might even rival a short stroll. Time to keep your house clean, and keep your body lean.

    Try this out:
    Reorganise and clean up your storeroom space. All the lifting, cleaning and moving around the house is guaranteed to work up a sweat and increase your step count for the day. Plus, it de-clutters your home!
  • A family that walks together, stays healthy together.
    Activities are always fun when there are more people doing it. Even more so if it’s with your loved ones.

    Try this out:
    Organise a family walk in the park or a stroll by the seaside after dinner and make it a weekly affair. This is a healthy opportunity to forge a deeper bond with your family members.
  • It’s time to kid around.
    There’s no better time to foster an active lifestyle in kids, than when they’re young. Young and impressionable, it’s easier to nurture a love and habit for healthy living in them.

    Try this out:
    Instead of standing on the sidelines, why not join in? Show off your skills by joining your kids for a game of football. Or simply monkey around. Bring out your fun side, embrace your inner kid and build a bond with your children.
  • It’s more than an office cubicle.
    Offices are great places to stay active, especially when most working adults spend majority of their day there.

    Try this out:
    Take a break every hour by going to the toilet or the pantry. Use a water mug of smaller capacity. This encourages you to walk to the pantry more often for a refill. What’s more, you’ll be inclined to drink more water too.
  • Perk up your business discussions.
    Getting active at work isn’t just a walk in the park. It can also be a walk up the stairs or better yet, a walk out of the office.

    Try this out:
    Need to have a business discussion? Skip the phone calls; use the opportunity to take a walk out of the office and bring the discussion to a nearby café instead.
  • Buses aren’t always necessary.
    Sure, it’s easy to take a bus, hail a cab or even ride the train. But if your destination is within walking distance, is it really necessary?

    Try this out:
    If where you’re going is just a bus stop away, take the healthier route by walking. If you’re feeling adventurous, alight one or two stops earlier and walk the remaining distance! Find out how walking benefits you.
  • Friends make it easier.
    Research has shown that pairing up with a friend gives you that extra push when you need it most. So buddy up, you might even end up motivating your friend.

    Try this out:
    Set a goal for each other and let the challenge begin. Whoever doesn’t achieve the set goal has to do a forfeit. How does getting 10,000 steps a day for a week sound? Put on your thinking caps and get creative with different goals and challenges.

    Need extra inspiration? Challenge yourself by joining the National Steps ChallengeTM Season 2​

  • Mix things up.
    If you’ve been consistent in your activities, it’s time to switch it up. Keeping your body guessing is a good way to gain different benefits and avoid hitting a plateau.

    Try this out:
    Shake up your workout routine with different exercises every day; attend Zumba® Fitness group classes on Mondays, and try out Kickboxing on Tuesdays. You can also spice up your workouts by throwing sprints intervals into your runs.

    Break the monotony with something new each time by signing up for HPB’s Physical Activity Programmes!

  • Count your steps.
    If you’d prefer to get active at your own pace, an activity tracker is the perfect companion. Most activity trackers have nifty functions, which allow you to set attainable goals. Some even have challenges you can take on!

    Try this out:
    Here’s a way to have a steps tracker and still save: download the Healthy 365 app. It‘s a pedometer, calorie counter and weight manager all rolled into one.
  • Take your fitness to the next level.
    Besides walking, using the stairs is one of the many ways to stay active. You’ll also step up the level of intensity. Best of all, stairs are easily accessible and readily available.

    Try this out:

    Every morning when you take the train, choose the stairs over the escalator. You’ll inevitably clock more steps, and instead of waiting in line, you’ll be zooming past it.

    Get active. Get More From Life. Download the Healthy 365 app now. Available on App Store and Google Play Store.



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10 Fun Ways To Get Active
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