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how to fend off mozzies

How do you prevent mozzie bites when enjoying activities around Singapore or when travelling? Use these simple precautions.

Wear long sleeves and long pants where possible. Cover up exposed skin so insects have less surface area to bite.

Choose light-coloured clothing too; they'll attract fewer mosquitoes than dark-coloured clothing, and will keep you cool at the same time.

Apply insect repellent regularly. Repellents containing DEET, picaridin or IR3535 as the active ingredient is effective and safe. Natural repellents (e.g. essential oils like citronella and eucalyptus) vary in effectiveness with each individual and usually need more frequent application.

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Sleep under mosquito nets or ask for window netting, when travelling. Window nets can also be applied to your windows at home. Light up mosquito coils or electronic repellents for added protection. Be aware, however, that these products emit fumes that may aggravate asthma and cause respiratory irritations for some.

mosquito net over bed

Before you travel, ask your doctor about taking medications that can prevent malaria and whether they're needed for where you're headed. For travel to some regions, you may also need a vaccine prior to travel to prevent other diseases that is spread by mosquitoes such as Japanese Encephalitis, Yellow Fever or Dengue vaccine for specific groups of people.

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