During pregnancy, you may find that you have a very healthy appetite on some days and are turned off by certain foods on other days. The key to a healthy pregnancy is eating a varied diet of nutritious foods. The video below shows what a daily healthy meal plan for the second trimester could look like.

The recommended daily calorie intake for the first trimester is 1800kcal a day, which is the same figure for non-pregnant women. You should increase your daily calorie intake by 300kcal in your second trimester, giving a total of 2100kcal.

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In the third trimester, your body has the highest calorific need during pregnancy: 2250kcal a day. That’s 450kcal on top of the usual daily intake.

Although you should eat a varied diet, it is advised that you avoid unpasteurised dairy products and all raw foods (including uncooked vegetables). If you have any concerns at all about any aspect of your pregnancy, remember to consult your doctor.

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