When it comes to staying in tip-top shape, you know the importance of eating right​, exercising regularly, and avoiding nasty habits such as tobacco ​and alcohol.

However, sticking to healthy habits and staying physically active can be hard when other stuff gets in the w​​ay. An active party life, poor eating habits of friends and family, or a jam-packed work schedule can all derail your good intentions.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to stay motivated and stay on track, without relying on others for discipline, confidence, patience, or common sense!

Workout Music – A Form of Exercise Motivation

When it comes to getting active, not finding a pal to exercise with or not having a gym membership should not deter you from​ getting physical. Just go to your preferred music app and pop on your earphones!

In fact, listening to workout music while exercising is a fail-proof way to get into an exercise routine that feels good and doesn't feel boring or repetitive.

With your favourite tunes playing, the beat pumping, and the lyrics flowing, finding your rhythm couldn't be easier. Just remember to keep the volume down to prevent hearing damage.

Create Your Own Exercise Music Mix

And when you match the right workout songs with the right exercise, it can feel like the two were made for each other - making you feel more motivated.

Everyone can create his or her own special exercise playlist for bike rides, walking, running, stretching, or swimming. So whether you're into K-Pop, hip hop, heavy metal, or country music, we say plug-it-in, turn-it-up and get out there.

Create mixes for 10, 30 minutes or even 60 minutes in length to match your workout routines. Work out four times a week? Create four different mixes or just one. It's really up to you.

Below are a few suggestions for the type of music that works best for different types and stages of exercise.

Getting Warmed Up

Getting your mind and body ready to exercise goes better with mid-tempo music that progressively gets faster and faster!

Rock and roll songs are pretty effective for a nice warm-up.

Cardio or Aerobic Workout

Once you're ready to keep to a fast pace, you're into high-intensity mode. That's when you need fast-pumping music, aerobic exercise music to keep you going!

Fast electronic beats are a safe bet for extended periods of effort.

Cooling Down

Now that you're covered in sweat, you're ready to slow down your heart rate.

Stretch your muscles and breathe deeply to soothing atmospheric melodies with down-tempo beats.

We know there is nothing worse than working out to music you don't ​like. So go ahead and create your own workout playlist using our handy tempo tips.

For a happy, healthier you, find the beat that'll help move your feet​!​​​​

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