Whether you're a seasoned dancer or just starting out, join us as we dive into the exhilarating world of Bollywood and fitness. Get ready to groove, sweat, and unleash your inner Bollywood star!

If you've attended one of Rekha's Bollyrobics classes, chances are you'd know how intense it can be. But that didn't stop Singaporeans, young and old, from joining her classes in droves.

Bollywood dance is known for its dynamic movements, catchy music, and lively choreography - making it an exhilarating dance activity that captivates the performer.


It was this that spurred Rekha to take up Bollywood dance when she decided to change her lifestyle. " I was quite heavy at one point in time, so I took small steps to change my lifestyle. That was when I participated in Bollywood dance classes. I found that I resonated with the songs and I really enjoyed myself and I didn't feel that an hour had passed. I took classes back-to-back."


Gradually, Rekha saw changes in herself. Her stamina increased and she lost weight. Having seen the incremental benefits of a small change in her lifestyle, Rekha wanted to pay it forward. Today, she teaches Bollyrobics, a free programme by the Health Promotion Board, to get Singaporeans to be more active.



We attended one of her sessions in Hong Kah Community Centre, where we got to groove to Tamil and Hindi music together with 40 dance enthusiasts. We cannot lie: It was exhilarating. With each rhythmic footwork, expressive gestures, and energetic punches, we could feel our adrenaline pumping, our hearts racing, and our bodies working hard to the beats. Rekha's infectious energy and encouraging spirit inspired us to keep going. By the end of the session, we were drenched in sweat but filled with a sense of accomplishment.

From a fitness perspective, Bollywood dance is a fantastic workout. It combines cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises, making it a holistic form of exercise. " Bollyrobics is a full body workout, so you are not just moving. It starts with warming up and then toning the different muscle groups. It's more of resistance and strength training along with cardio," Rekha explains.

But Rekha often tells her participants to not force themselves to follow her intensity as long as they keep moving to the beat. "It's very important that at the end of the day, you must enjoy the process and feel good about it."





Adeline George, who is a regular in her sessions attests to this, “It is a good workout because the beats just keep you going. “Mariyana, who is also a regular in Bollyrobics, feels that activities like this empower her to prioritise her health.

For anyone who's looking to try Bollyrobics, Rekha has one tip for you: Have fun. Find your Groove and Nothing is Impossible.




Sign up for Bollyrobics on the Healthy 365 app. Go to Events and search for "Bollyrobics" to give it a try!



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