Did you know?

  • The majority of Singaporean men are infected through sexual contact with casual partners and sex workers.

  • The majority of Singaporean women are infected through sex with their husband or boyfriend.

Empower yourself!

Most women in Singapore who got infected with HIV never thought it would happen to them. Their common question was, “How did I get infected with HIV?”

Testimonies of women who are living with HIV

“He was a good man. He gave me enough money to spend on anything that I wanted. His job sent him on many overseas trips but he never gave me any indication that he slept with other women on these trips. At times, I did wonder, but thought that he was not that kind of a man. When he told me that he has HIV, I felt like my world had collapsed. I also have HIV now. Now, I just pray that my children will not be infected too.”

HIV-infected since June 2003

“At first I could not believe it. How could it be? My boyfriend and I were both virgins when we first had sex. But he had lied. He didn’t want me to know that he’d slept with others before me. Now we both have HIV.”

HIV-infected since August 2003

“My husband always got angry when I asked if he was sleeping with other women. I knew he was. But how could I refuse sex with my own husband? Now I regret. No point getting angry now. It’s too late. My advice to other women like me is: don’t let your husbands give you HIV. Don’t be afraid to confront him or get help.”

HIV-infected since January 2004

Unlike these women, you can still ask, “How can I avoid getting HIV?”

How can I protect myself from contracting HIV?

Sex between two faithful, uninfected persons is the safest option. However, if you are not totally certain that your spouse or partner is free from HIV, and HIV testing is not an option, the next best option is to use latex condoms. Although condoms do not give 100% protection, they can reduce your chances of contracting HIV when used properly and consistently.

When should I use condoms?

Always insist on using a condom if your partner/husband:

  • has had sex with others before, and/or unsure of his HIV status,

  • is having sexual relations with others as well as you,

  • is often away from home or travels to places known to offer sexual services and you are not fully aware of his activities,

  • uses needles for drugs, and/or

  • is unwilling to discuss any of the above with you.

Should I go for an HIV test?

Your partner and you should also go for an HIV test if the both of you:

  • are unaware of your HIV status.

  • have had sexual partners before.

  • would like to start having unprotected sex.

Do remember that there is a window period, so you should go for an HIV test after three months to be sure of your HIV status.

If one or both of you might have put either of you at risk, be honest with and responsible towards each other by using condoms and going for HIV testing.

How can I talk to him about this?

  • Show this article to your spouse/partner and explain the reasons for your concern. Stress the importance of remaining faithful to each other.

  • Go for HIV screening if you are pregnant and are not sure if you or your spouse is infected. Get help early, as your doctor can advise you on how to prevent the transmission of HIV to your unborn child. In Singapore, it is mandatory for all pregnant women to be screened for HIV.  

Where can I get more information and help?

You can find out more information from MOH's website.