Pre-schoolers should spend at least three hours doing a variety of physical activities in a day. You may spread these out throughout the day, and also make sure to include outdoor play, as studies have shown that time spent outside can help prevent or delay myopia.

Are You Ready? Let's Get Moving! 

Here are some activity ideas to get you and your little one moving:

Have Fun, Have a Ball

Help your child develop his dexterity and motor skills by encouraging him to become comfortable with different ball skills by using a variety of balls. Start with simple ball skills such as rolling the ball, then progress to bouncing, throwing, kicking and catching.

Act It Out

This is a great way to introduce your kid to sports. First, act out a sport and try to have them guess what sport you are "playing" (e.g. basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball, volleyball, swimming). Use flashcards if you must. Once they've got the hang of it, it's their turn to become the star athlete and have you guessing which sport they're mimicking. Remember to take your time when guessing and have lots of trouble getting the answer right!

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Game of Throws

Practice throwing and catching with your child. Instead of a ball, use a soft sponge or beanbags. They're easier to grip, making them easier to throw and catch. Challenge your child to see how far he can throw, or how high he can throw it. Use a hoop or a basket and have your kid aim away! You could also pull out the classic paper airplane. Make a few paper airplanes with your child and see how far they fly.

Walk the Talk

Walks are great for our health. They can also be fun! Now that your kid has mastered the art of walking, how about getting him to try out different ways of walking? Try walking backwards, walking on tip-toes, walking with long, big strides, walking side to side, and walking in a straight line.

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Need for Knead

Your child can spend hours just playing with play dough. Encourage him to make alphabets or shapes of various fruits and vegetables to so you can teach him about healthy eating habits. All that kneading will also be very helpful for his hand-eye coordination and development of fine motor skills—and when he becomes your little helper in the kitchen!

Watch out for Traffic

Teach your child about traffic safety. Your child can pretend to be a car, train or a pedestrian. With a few coloured flags or flashcards (red, yellow and green), pretend that you are a traffic light at various points around the house. Tell your child why it is important to stay out of traffic and to obey traffic lights while getting some physical activity into his day.

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The Fun Doesn't End on the Weekend

Spend time fostering strong family bonds over the weekend, and set a good example for your child by being active. Singapore might be a tiny island but there are numerous places that provide tons of fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Grounds for Play

For a change of scenery, why not bring your kid to a different playground where he can have fun with kids his age? Some popular outdoor playgrounds in Singapore include the Tiong Bahru Park Playground, Sembawang Park Playground, West Coast Park Playground, Pasir Ris Park Playground, Marine Cove Playground, Woodlands Waterfront Playground, and Admiralty Park Playground. Did you know that there are 26 slides in Admiralty Park Playground?

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Secret Garden

Step inside the very first garden dedicated to children in Asia! Jacob Ballas Children's Garden is a place of wonder and magic, where adults must be accompanied by a child in order to get in. There is a maze, sand pit, tree house, and even a suspension bridge that is bound to bring plenty of joy and excitement to the little one. Do keep a close eye on your child and make sure he stays safe while having fun!

Day at the Museum

Museums might not sound like the perfect place for kids, but the National Museum of Singapore guarantees exciting family fun every last Saturday of the month. With an entertaining line-up of activities such as interactive tours, storytelling sessions, family workshops, drop-in craft activities, captivating performances, and more, it's time to dust off that old notion of boring, stuffy museums!

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