1. Our Bodies are Made of Water

On average, 60-75% of the adult human body is water. Water's vital functions include dissolving and carrying nutrients and oxygen around the body, regulating body temperature, keeping tissues moist and joints lubricated, protecting organs and ensuring their proper operation... The list goes on!

Consuming the recommended eight glasses of water per day helps ensure that our bodies have enough water to perform these functions, and therefore survive — we literally cannot live without water.

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2. Replace Fluid Losses

Been keeping up with your exercise routine and perspiring more? We lose water all the time through fluids like perspiration and urine, which help remove water-soluble waste products from our body.

We need a constant supply of water to replace what has been lost, so drink up!

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3. Control Caloric Intake

Watching your weight? Water might help. Downing a glass of water before meals could create a temporary sense of fullness, preventing you from eating too much.

Water is also a healthier alternative to sweetened drinks — most of them contain sugar and empty calories with little or no nutrients. And as we know, consuming too much sugar will increase our risk of obesity and diabetes.

But some of us might find water too bland for our taste. Good thing there are ways to make water tastier, without adding any sugar!

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Put the Edge in H2O

Make eight glasses of water enjoyable and tasty with these infusions, which you can easily tote around in a small, BPA-free 250 ml bottle.

Keep track of how much you’ve saved on drinks at the end of the week, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised!

1. Spice Up Your Ice

Freeze small pieces of fruit such as grapes, blueberries and strawberries, and use them as ice cubes to chill your drink.

Or make ice cubes out of unsweetened fruit juice and add one or two of them to a tall glass of water for a mild, fruity flavour.

2. Garden Fresh

Add a handful of fresh herbs, such as mint or basil, into a pitcher of water and let it infuse overnight. You can also combine this with a few refreshing slices of cucumber or oranges.

3. Tea or Me?

Enjoy high tea like a tai tai by experimenting with different flavours of tea.

From traditional Chinese teas like Pu-er and Oolong, to more “atas” (high-class) Western teas like Earl Grey and mint, to aromatic teas like Ginger and Masala Chai, there’s a whole world of tea to explore!

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