1. Your Body is Made of Water

Your Body Is Made Of Water 

Up to 60% of the adult human body is made of water, and vital organs such as the brain, heart and lungs comprise an even higher percentage[1]. This water content is needed for many essential bodily functions, such as cell reproduction, digestion, and circulating oxygen around the human body.

Consuming the recommended 6 to 8 glasses of water per day helps ensure that your body has enough water to perform these functions, and therefore survive. 

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2. Replace Fluid Losses

Drinking up helps your body keep itself clean. We lose water all the time through fluids such as perspiration and urine, which help eliminate water-soluble waste products such as urea, ammonia and by-products of liver bile proteins.

In order to keep eliminating waste, the body needs a constant supply of water to replace what has been lost, so keep drinking!

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3. Water is Virtually Free

In Singapore, we’re fortunate to get fresh, clean drinking water straight from the tap. According to this Straits Times article, our water supply complies with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality, and is regularly checked to ensure that these standards are adhered to[2]. So there’s really no reason to spend money on any other drink, when you can quench your thirst at a tap or water cooler.

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4. Water Helps Reduce Constipation

Think of water as a lubricant that keeps digested food moving along your intestines and colon. If your body is dehydrated, your large intestines will soak up water from food waste, creating hard stools that are difficult to pass[3]. Chug a glass (or three) of water to give things a nudge, and you might just find your internal waste management system running smoothly again.

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5. Control Caloric Intake

Control Caloric Intake 


Watching your weight? Water might help. Downing a glass of water before meals could create a temporary sense of satiety, preventing you from eating too much.

Most drinks contain sugar and calories which will add to your calorie count. These drinks are mostly empty, sugar-filled calories that do not contain nutrients.

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6. Special Circumstances

If you’ve been hit by a bout of food poisoning, your body and appetite might be weak, but you’ve got to keep drinking. Conditions such as diarrhoea and vomiting cause your body to expel large amounts of water, along with any toxins you might have inadvertently consumed. Replacing the water content quickly will help your body with recovery.

New mothers who are lactating should also drink more water. As your body creates nourishing milk for your little one, take care of yourself by drinking more water every day.

Zest Up Your Water

Make eight glasses of water enjoyable and tasty with these infusions, which you can easily tote around in a small, BPA-free 250ml bottle. Keep track of how much you’ve saved on drinks at the end of the week, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised!

Fruit Ice 

Spice Up Your Ice

Freeze small pieces of fruit such as grapes, blueberries and strawberries, and use them as ice cubes to chill your drink. Or make ice cubes out of unsweetened fruit juice and add one or two of them to a tall glass of water for a mild, fruity flavour.

Cucumber Mint Detox Water 

Garden fresh

Add a handful of fresh herbs, such as mint or basil, into a pitcher of water and let it infuse overnight. You can also combine this with a few refreshing slices of cucumber, which contain Vitamin B and C[4].

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