Asian woman using her phone to check the nutritional information of the food she is buying

You’re a smart shopper — you know how to compare prices and spot the best bargains. But when it comes to deciding which food products to buy, how do you make the healthier, smarter choice?

Enter the Healthier Choice Symbol. You’ll find this symbol on a wide range of packaged food products, from bottled and instant beverages to oils, grains and snacks.

Say you’ve picked up two loaves of bread from the supermarket shelves, and you’re torn between the two — how do you tell which loaf is healthier?

Then you notice one is labelled with a Healthier Choice Symbol, and the other isn’t.

The symbol makes it easy: when comparing two similar products, the one labelled with the Healthier Choice Symbol is, you guessed it, the healthier choice.

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Asian woman comparing the nutritional value of two sauces in a supermarket

So what information can you glean from the symbol? There are currently six different taglines explaining why the product is a healthier choice:

  • Higher in whole-grains
  • Higher in calcium
  • Lower in sugar
  • Lower in saturated fats
  • Lower in sodium
  • Trans fat free

Some products may even carry more than one of these taglines — for example, an oat beverage may be both higher in whole-grains and lower in sugar.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Healthier Choice Symbol the next time you’re grocery shopping, and try out a variety of healthier food products to balance your diet.

And with over 2,600 food products carrying the Healthier Choice Symbol, you’ll definitely be spoiled for choice.

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