Stroke E-Resources: Your Stroke Fact Sheet, Post-Stroke Checklist and Stroke Logbook

Empower yourself with information and resources in this stroke e-booklet to help manage yours or your loved one’s stroke recovery journey.


Online Stroke Booklet for Information on Stroke and Stroke Care

The following e-booklets, aim to provide an understanding of stroke, what you can expect during a hospital stay and proper aftercare for stroke patients.

Stroke Logbook

The stroke logbook aims to help you keep a record and track information which is important for your post-stroke care.

Use the stroke care team, appointment tracker and discharge checklist to keep yourself reminded of key information before returning home from the hospital.

You can use the post-stroke checklist to identify issues you may want to share with your stroke care team. There are monitoring sheets to record your blood pressure and blood test results.

Stroke Logbook (English) [PDF]
Stroke Logbook (Mandarin) [PDF]
Stroke Logbook (Malay) [PDF]
Stroke Logbook (Tamil) [PDF]

Stroke Fact Sheets

We acknowledge that you may have other questions about your condition or your role as a caregiver.

Here is a list of fact sheets with more information about stroke related matters and life after stroke.

Controlling Risk Factor of Stroke
​Rehabilitation after Stroke

​Consequences of Stroke
Social and Leisure Matters after Stroke
  • Cognitive Issues (Coming soon!)​
  • Continence Problems (Coming soon!)​
  • Sexual Intimacy [PDF]
  • Emotional Changes (Coming soon!)​
  • Spasticity​ (Coming soon!)​
For more on stroke, go to StrokeHub


Call on These When You Need Help
Depression Emergency Hotline and Other Health Helplines

If you are coping with depression and need to talk, don’t hesitate to call our Depression Helpline, a counselling hotline. There are also other medical helpline numbers to note below.

Health Promotion Board
Cardiac Rehabilitation Support Group: Local Exercise Groups (LEG)
Cardiac Rehabilitation Support Group

Looking to improve your caregiving skills for a loved one with cardiovascular disease? Join local cardiac support groups like these!

National University Hospital
Head Injury Support Group
Brain and Head Injury Support Groups

Read on for a list of brain injury support groups and head injury support groups set up by the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI).

National Neuroscience Institute

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Stroke E-Resources: Your Stroke Fact Sheet, Post-Stroke Checklist and Stroke Logbook

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