A well-designed vegetarian diet includes a variety of plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. All of which provide the nutrients for good health. The Indian culinary heritage boasts a diverse range of delicious vegetarian dishes that are an integral part of this cuisine — making it a satisfying option for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. We cover some of these dishes that are sure to hit the spot on your taste buds and health!


Bursting with flavors from ginger, garlic, fennel, turmeric, coriander, cardamom, and more, curry powder not only add a tantalising taste to your food but also support a healthy appetite. The best part? You can enjoy the flavour explosion without excessive salt! 

 chickpea curry

Try your hand at making your own Chickpea Curry! Don't forget to use Healthier Choice ingredients to get healthier bang for your buck!

Feeling adventurous and looking for something different from the basic prata? Here are two delectable Indian bread variations to try.

Gobi Paratha

Gobi paratha is a type of wholegrain flatbread from Indian cuisine that is stuffed with a spiced cauliflower filling. The wholemeal flour used in the dough adds fiber to your diet. With its cauliflower filling and blend of aromatic spices, it makes the dish taste flavourful and satisfying. Gobi paratha can be enjoyed on its own or paired with dhal or chutney. It not only adds a burst of flavor but also provides additional nutritional value to keep your hungry belly satisfied. 


Unlike its prata counterpart, chapati uses no oil and can be made with wholemeal flour for a healthier alternative and a useful source of fibre. Two small chapatis (60gm) meet the daily requirement of a single serving and it is sure to keep you full  longer. Don’t forget: when dining out, look for food stalls that display these Healthier Choice identifiers! 


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If you are itching to make your own chapatis, we've got a healthy recipe to go along with your cravings. Check out this "Good Old Chapati and Dhal" recipe!

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