Shelters and Senior Group Homes provide residence to ambulant elderly who are without next-of-kin or are unable to live with their family members. These homes also provide some support services to help the elderly stay independent.

Shelters and Senior Group Homes are often known as old folks’ homes in the local context.

How to Apply

You can speak to a social worker or medical social worker for assistance from any of the following institutions that your loved one visits:

  • Hospital
  • Polyclinic
  • Family Service Centre

Costs and Subsidies

It costs between $400 and $700 a month to stay in a shelter or community home (before means-testing). If you​ need help paying for the service, please speak to your service provider or the Medical Social Worker.​​

Learn more about subsidies for Government-funded Intermediate Long-Term Care Services.

Finding a Shelter or Senior Group Home

Please use the E-care Locator.

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