Home Health Care for Seniors

A guide to in-home healthcare services and senior medical care in Singapore.

Sometimes our aged loved ones need health care services at home, whether it’s temporary or for an extended period. Learn all about senior home medical services in Singapore.

Home Medical Care for Seniors: An Introduction

Home medical services can help when you are caring for an elderly person who is frail and bedridden, with many medical or nursing needs. 

Our Home Senior Care Services

A team of professionals, comprising a nurse, doctor and a social worker, can provide the following services:

Regular Visits

Regular home visits allow the team to:
Manage the elderly person’s chronic disease and conditions
Provide nursing care
Provide caregivers with the necessary health education and training required to care for their frail loved one
Arrange for safe transfer for hospitalisation when necessary
Prescribe appropriate acute and chronic medicines when needed
Ensure the timeline interpretation of appropriate investigations
Help point caregivers to services such as meal deliveries and financial assistance

What are the Costs?

Cost of service starts from $140 per visit before the means-testing subsidy. If you have difficulty paying for the service, please speak to your service provider or the Medical Social Worker in the hospital or polyclinic.

How to Apply for Home Care Services

Get a referral from a hospital, polyclinic or GP that the elderly visits.

Need More Help?

You may apply or request for more details or information by:
Emailing us 
Calling us on AIC Hotline: 1800 650 6060
Visiting us at your nearest AIC Link branch

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