Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) by HDB

The HDB EASE programme aims to provide safer and more comfortable homes for the elderly, in particular, enhancement for active seniors at home.

Introduction to the Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) Programme

Falls are common causes of injuries at home for the elderly. For you or your loved one to move around more safely at home, you can consider installing special tools around the house to help prevent falls.

The Housing and Development Board introduced the Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) programme in 2012. The EASE programme subsidises home modifications so that elderly persons can live at ease in their own homes.

This is what you can install in your flat via the HDB EASE programme:
Slip-resistant treatment to floor tiles in up to two bathrooms or toilets
Grab bars in the flat (eight or 10 grab bars for the first toilet, and six grab bars for the second toilet)
Up to five ramps in the flat, and/or at the main entrance — if possible to construct

Singapore Citizen Households

Flat Type





We Pay





Government Pays





Source: Housing Development Board (HDB)

All amounts are estimates only. You will be told what the final amount is before EASE improvement works begin.
The amount you pay is subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST) and must be paid in cash when the work is completed.

How to Qualify for HDB’s EASE Programme

Before you begin your HDB EASE application, do take note that you can only qualify if
You are a Singaporean flat owner with a member of your family living with you who is 65 years and older, or
You are a Singapore flat owner with at least one household member between the ages of 60 and 64, who needs help with at least three of six activities of daily living

The activities of daily living are:
o Washing
o Dressing
o Feeding
o Toileting
o Mobility
o Transferring

How to Apply for EASE by HDB

Method 1

If your block of flats is undergoing HDB’s Home Improvement Programme (HIP), you can apply for EASE through this programme. Note that in this case, residents do not need to meet the age criteria to be eligible for the upgrades.

Method 2

Method 3

Apply via Mobile@HDB.

Method 4

Download and complete the forms provided on the EASE (Direct Application) webpageYou need a doctor (use the E-care Locator) to endorse this.

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