Introducing solids to a picky eater can be challenging, so here are some tips to help you get your little one to eat up!

Offer a Variety of Foods

Your baby might be tired of eating the same food all the time or may not enjoy the taste and texture of new foods. Be patient and change it up by letting him try new alternatives and a variety of flavours.

Introduce one new food every 3-4 days with the aim of giving your baby food from all the basic food groups eventually.

If your baby seems to find the taste of green vegetables bitter and refuses to eat up, let him try naturally sweeter alternatives like pureed sweet potato, carrot, or pumpkin, then gradually introduce him to green veggies that are not-so-sweet.

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Have Patience

Just because the little one doesn’t eat something now, doesn’t mean he won’t eat the same thing a day later, or a week later.

Remember, it may take 10 or more tries before he accepts a new food. The key is to be consistent and keep trying. Don’t forget to clap and throw heaps of praise and smiles at your baby when he does eat!

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Ease Teething Discomfort

Is your baby teething? He might be refusing to eat solid food because his emerging teeth or sensitive gums are causing discomfort. If your baby is teething, try to ease the discomfort as much as you can 15 to 20 minutes before mealtime.

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No Distractions

Is your baby distracted during mealtime? Your baby is too young to be multi-tasking, so it would be best to switch off the television, put away the tablet and toys, and let him focus on eating. This also helps your baby know when he is full and not overeat—a good habit to build from young!

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Get Creative in the Kitchen

When your little one is slightly older (about 1 to 2 years old) and is ready for textures like mashed, chopped, or cut food, you can try attracting his attention by cutting food into fun shapes like stars and hearts. Including a variety of colourful food in your child’s meal can also make mealtime more appealing.

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